Love And Philosophy Essay Research Paper Danny

8 August 2017

Love And Philosophy Essay, Research Paper

Love And Philosophy Essay Research Paper Danny Essay Example

Danny Radd


Love for a partner

As a kid we ne’er think we will of all time bask the company of the opposite sex, but as we grow older and wiser we eventually see the demand for each other. throughout my life I have had girlfriends come and travel without recorse or important feelings toward them ; granted, I was really fond of them and did non desire them to go forth me, but they ne’er filled the nothingness that was losing in my bosom. As I recollect on what love means to me and what love should be one think of 5 basic features that make the love of a partner sincere and without defect. the features i believe to be of import are trust, personal value, value for others, common regard, and equal usage of head and bosom. these 5 features have got me were I am today and after 4 old ages I still feel the same manner I did the first twenty-four hours we met and more.

the first characteristic that I will speak about is trust. To some people this is a basic virtuousness of all relationships and stems from coevals to coevals of good advice brought by our parents. Trust is of import in relationships non merely for the obvious ground that without it a individual is suffering, but it besides enhances the things in life that are waiting to go on. The biggest job with green-eyed monster and misgiving is that it blocks your vision of what things can be and what future you want. If merely people new the truth about there spouse everything would be alright, but in reallity this will ne’er be the instance we will ever be seeking for replies that are difficult to happen and the lone manner to happen these answeers will be by inquiring our spouses what they are experiencing and how this is impacting them. Peoples do non look to understand what the other individual in a relationship is believing and before aking them what Thursday job is the come up with some preconcieved impression or reply that can be wholly false. In my personal life I have had this happen to me many times and I have besides done this to a spouse many times, but the minute I found her the adult female I have been waiting for I knew that there was no misgiving and the fealings that I had before no thirster could remain because from now on I will hold to alter my preconcieved impressions about what I think she says and set the work into the relationship and happen out what she means the difficult manner, inquire them what they are experiencing.

Before trust can evn play a portion in a relationship both spouses have to hold personal value. without value a individual can non show true love because they do non love themelves. As I wright this paper on love and come across this feature of personal value I find myself talking from a first manus position because I to hold had a job with falling in love with myself. I remember meating my married woman and thought to myself how bea

utifulk she was on the interior every bit good as the exterior, but as I got to cognize her better I noticed that she was in love with her life every bit good as herself in a non-egotistic manner. I noticed the manner she spoke of others and of herself utilizing beautiful sentences that described what people meant to her and what she could make for others and how it would assist her. After a month of listening to this array of ego gratiification I took a good expression at myself and what my oulook on myself was. I noticed that my life was an internal catastrophe and everything I did was half of what it could be. What I mean by half of what it could be is that we as people merely excercise the half that does things for others go forthing us resentful and this signifiers hatred for what we are making, but as a individual uses the half that is working for themselves every bit good sa others we find an internal peace that can non be described. My married woman has taught me a batch about life and what it means to hold personal value and how without it love can non be tuly attained. Without love for yourself you can non love another.

After accomplishing personal value which believe me is no simple undertaking a individual can so love another which leads me to my 3rd characteristic which is the value for others. Value for others may sound simple, but value for others means complete regard and ageless apprehension. If merely we could populate the first two hebdomads of our relationships for the remainder of our lives. Remember the manner we felt, like we would make anything for this individual at any clip. This is when theire value for others is at its extremum. During the first two hebdomads of all relationships we find the demand to desire to happen out all of the information we can about this individual and demo them that we care bout what they are interested in and what they are making. I do non cognize why we give up afte two hebdomads. many people end up interrupting up or giving up after two hebdomads of demoing person else we care. It is amusing that this hapens because those two hebdomads enclose some of the best times a individual has of all time had. In love a individual has to hold value for others fealings, sentiments, and thoughts or the relationship will non work out. As I talk about my married woman and the love we have for eachother I find myself being reminded of the regard I have for her and the manner we both value eachothers presence. Without our love for eachother we know we woulld be suffering and without a piece of our Black Marias.

My 4th characteristic is common regard. common regard is something that happens when true love is attained. Common regard is critical in love because without it a individual feels as if they are unapreciated and unwanted. I do non believe that achieving common regard is difficult for a batch of twosomes, but I do believe it is difficult to allow your spouse now how much you respect their sentiments and thoughts. I believe it is difficult because of clip ; clip goes by without

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