Love And The Wife Of Bath Essay

8 August 2017

, Research Paper

Love and The Wife of Bath

Peoples do so much in their futile efforts to derive love. The Wife of Bath from The Canterbury Tales does many things to acquire love besides. She marries four hubbies to acquire love by commanding the. She marries her 5th hubby, Johnny, to acquire love by being controlled. Besides, the Wife of Bath believes that true love will come to her merely when she additions the equality she feels she deserves.

The Wife of Bath marries a sum of five hubbies. She marries her first four hubbies and controls them because she thinks they will love her for it. She was married for the first clip at the age of 12. Therefore, she doesn T put much of an accent on the holiness of matrimony. In fact, she argues with the Apostle Paul, stating, Or where comanded he virginitee? & # 8230 ; But conseiling nis no comandement.

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He putte it in oure owene juggement, ( p. 108 ) . The Wife of Bath decides to do the most of her matrimonies. She realizes she is smarter than they are, and becomes commanding. The text says, How pitously anight I made hem swinke & # 8230 ; ( p. 111 ) . She manages their lands for them, and makes them work hard. When they became covetous because it appeared she was rip offing on them, the Wife of Bath said, Of dames wolde I beren hem on honde, Whan that for sik they mighte unnethe stonde & # 8230 ; I swoor that al my walking out by nighte Was for to espye dames that he dighte, ( p. 115 ) . The Wife of Bath believed that by doing them work for everything and being wholly submissive to them, they would genuinely love her.

On the other hour angle

nd, the Wife of Bath marries Johnny to happen love by being controlled. She notices Johnny while she is still married to her 4th hubby, but declares, If I were widwe, sholde wedde me, ( p. 119 ) . In fact, when her hubby dies, it is of small sorrow to her. In fact, at the funeral, she took more notice of Johnny: And Janekin oure clerk was oon of Tho. As aid me God, whan that I saw him travel After the beere, ( p. 119 ) . However, shortly after she marries Johnny, the Wife of Bath learns that he will non be controlled by her. On the contrary, Johnny is commanding to the point of abusiveness. Every dark he, reden in this book of wikked married womans, ( p. 121 ) . The book s illustrations of wicked married womans help him turn out that they are inferior and shouldn T be trusted or accounted as peers. This causes the Wife of Bath to go angered, and tears out pages from the book and throws them at Johnny, who proceeds to hit her on the caput with the book so difficult that she falls motionless to the floor. When she wakes up, she says, O hastou slain me, …for my land? …Er I be deed yit wol I kisse thee, ( p. 124 ) . Even though he caused her to travel deaf in one ear from the blow, she is loyal to him and in fact loves him even more.

In the terminal, the Wife of Bath realizes that true love will come to her merely when she additions the equality she feels she deserves. As page 113 says, Thou sholdest saye, Wif, travel wher thee leste. The Wife of Bath believes she is smart plenty to command her ain life. She shouldn t be governed by what society and her hubby state her. The Wife of Bath uses her narrative to acquire this point across

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