There can be no knowledge without emotion… untll we have felt the force of the knowledge, it is not ours” . (adapted from Arnold Bennet. ) Discuss this vision of the relationship between knowledge and emotion. According to Arnold Bennet, emotion Is superior to knowledge. Because our knowledge relies deeply In experiences and feelings, everything Is therefore influenced by emotion.

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Important, world shaking events suh as the Holocaust , that hanged the world , have ocurred because reason was defeated by emotion. In times of hardships many sometimes prefer to be logical to try and overcome the hardship without any emotional damagae, but end up discovering that keeping In emotions by force can result in physical and mental catastrophe. In both situations emotions end up being taken as the basis to react to the problem or situation.

Although the Holocaust caused the world to be aware of what a twisted mind could cause, strong eelings of disguts and hatred towards Germans, their nation, and towards leaders with a strict ways of governing was left and is still present today. Many would argue that It Is many time preferable to be logical rather than emotional in order to overcome a situation, but the feelings towards the situation overcome you. My 8 year old sister was diagnosed with a certain type of heart desease.

The news were shocking and I Immediately researched about the disease in the Internet and ound out It had low consequences. I was anrgy at seeing my mom cry because I told her it wasn’ta life threatening situation. I was mad only because i wanted to avoid weakness by using my knowledge about the disease, i was trying to not involve emotions, but the feeling was too strong to be Ignored. There was no logic in trying to accept that at her early age It wasn’t the only sickness she had to deal with, tried to reason that but couldnt.

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