Love Essay Research Paper Love is different

8 August 2017

Love Essay, Research Paper

Love Essay Research Paper Love is different Essay Example

Love is different for each and every person. It can be felt for a individual, an object, a feeling or a manner of life, doing it hard to embrace a true reading. In ancient Grecian history, philosophic pillars such as Plato and Socrates divided love into either earthly or heavenly. Earthly love was a feeling of lecherousness and sexual desire while heavenly love was shared both spiritually and intellectually. Personally, I believe love to be unconditioned, selfish, obsessional, or romantic.

Unconditional love is limitless love. It is a natural feeling that exists without any stipulations and is non dependent on anything. Unconditional love is a changeless love, the type of love we receive from a female parent, a male parent or even a pet. It is present all the clip, under any circumstance. My dog Jake is the perfect illustration. When I leave the house in the forenoon he jumps at me, imploring me to remain. When I return, he wags his narrative, carries my slippers in his oral cavity and roll around the house humming with exhilaration. When I work on my computing machine he lies by my side. When I m sitting in forepart of the Television, he comes over in hunt of fondness. When I think about it, my dog Jake is the prototype of unconditioned love.

In contrast to unconditioned love is selfish love. Rather than being eternal, it is finite. This type of love is unreal, bogus and non echt. Used merely to profit oneself, or for the interest of having favors and pleasance, selfish love is harmful to the receiver. It appears merely when something is needed yet is still hard to acknowledge. A past experience with, what I thought was, a perfect girlfriend can turn out this. At first, our relationship was rather normal, like that of any two striplings. We hung out on the weekends, spoke on the phone and helped each other with our day-to-day jobs. However, after several hebdomads of degree Fahrenheit

riendship, the relationship intensified and I became highly involved, supplying her with perfectly anything she desired. In return, she invariably told me that I was a particular individual and that I meant everything to her. I got nearer to her than I have of all time been to anyone in my life. But in the terminal I realized that her love for me was illusive and self-serving. In world, I was being used.

Obsessional love is the relentless love one has for an point, a athletics, a feeling or even a individual. The desire a vocalist has to project her voice. The fancy a kid has for a stuffed animate being. The passion a football participant has for running an 80-yard touchdown. The bang a racecar driver feels when rushing around a path. It is infatuation, arrested development, dependence, and lecherousness. Obsessional love is a demand, which frequently lives and dies rapidly.

Finally, romantic love is the type that merely grows with clip. It requires forbearance and evolves merely through the exchange of reciprocally good values. Merely when two persons learn to congratulate and understand each other s feelings and demands is this pure, true love truly felt. Although partially based on sexual Communion, romantic love relies largely on rational connexion. Familiarity and fondness, committedness and dedication, communicating and honestness are all involved. Romantic love is merely felt towards another human being and frequently it controls the manner people think, act and react. It is a particular brotherhood which when experienced to its fullest extent provides an matchless feeling. Romantic love gives us a ground to populate.

Love can be used to depict indefinable feelings. Love can be unbounded or love can be restricted. Love can bit by bit boom or love can rapidly melt away. Love can intend perfectly everything or love can intend nil at all. And as Benjamin Franklin one time said If you would be loved, love and be lovable.

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