Love Essay Research Paper LoveThey say to

8 August 2017

Love Theme Essay, Research Paper

They say to love is a beautiful thing They say to love is work, but is deserving it.

Alas, they say to love is to be everlastingly happy. But who precisely is? they? ?

And I can? t aid but inquire if? they? themselves have of all time genuinely been in

love. I say to love is to give your clip to the male child down the route, and so be

dumped. 5 months wasted! I say to love is to be artificically shown fondness,

and when it is at it? s best, vanishes every bit rapidly as it came. I say to love is

to experience the joy of triumph by winning the oculus of the cat you like, and so

experiencing the torment of defeate when he is taken off by the blonde miss with curly

hair ; everlastingly! I say to love is to expose your most cherished look ; your

artlessness, and to hold it stripped off from you like the young person from the old.

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All that is left is a lacerate psyche. I say to love is to go person that you

aren? T. You ne’er jumped before when the phone rang. You ne’er painted your

nails or wore skirts, and now look at you. You used to be true and original, but

now? . I say to love is to be changed for good. Once that first glimpse, the

foremost fond touch, and the first buss occours, you want it, no, you need

to hold it all the clip. You become a monster who? s hungriness can? t be fed, and

so you are crushed when the lone thing you think you need ne’er calls back and

merely walks off. Most things that are bad or are harmful in this universe, we

become afraid of. We try to organize a? safety cover? of Torahs to protect us.

But what about love? It hurts excessively doesn? t it? Should we make 10-15 old ages for

every phone calls non returned? No, that wouldn? t work. Should we make 20-25

old ages for every bosom we break? No, I don? t think that is it either. Should we

lock ourselves up indoors and ne’er show exposure? No, so no 1 would

like us. So I suppose that to love, Well, rather merely to love is to be hapy

sad, angry, defeated and huffy. To be dizzy jumpy, every bit sweet as pie, and so to

be balling shouting, and non cognizing why. Sure, it? s non just, but still we take

every hit! But hey, we are adult females.

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