Love Essay Research Paper When we think

8 August 2017

Love Essay, Research Paper

Love Essay Research Paper When we think Essay Example

When we think about the definition of love, it s non easy to believe of one specific definition, or even one sort. Since love, to every individual, is felt otherwise and is defined as so many different things such as a feeling, a individual, or a manner of life, it is hard to embrace a true reading of what it means. In ancient Grecian doctrine, philosophic pillars such as Plato and Socrates frequently divided love into two separate classs: earthly and heavenly. If one experienced earthly love, one was overcome by lecherousness and feelings of sexual desire instead than rational desire. If love was shared spiritually and intellectually between two work forces, with godly aspirations, it was heavenly love. In today s society, we tend to split love into three classs because the love we feel for different people is different. The three classs are: love for parents and household members, love between friends and love between adult male and adult female. The first type of love, love for parents and relations, is manifested through fraternity and inherent aptitude. Parents, kids, and other relations have been stating each other & # 8220 ; I love you & # 8221 ; for rather some clip. The phrase is frequently put to utilize at vacations or other household assemblages. Most frequently it is the kids and grownups who say & # 8220 ; I love you. & # 8221 ; The kids say it because it s what they ve been stating since they could speak and it s what their parents say to them many times throughout the twenty-four hours. The grandparents say it because they know the true deepness behind the words. & # 8220 ; I love you & # 8221 ; can be said when there are non plenty words to depict feelings. I love you can be said when there are excessively many words to depict feelings. & # 8220 ; I love you & # 8221 ; can be said as a manner of stating & # 8220 ; Thank you. & # 8221 ; And & # 8220 ; I love you & # 8221 ; can raise the liquors of

a sad bosom. Even though non everyone in a household tells each other they love one another,

The 2nd type of love, love between friends, is shown through company. The love friends portion for each other is different than that of household members. Friends come and go, but merely the true 1s stay. Friends support each other through midst and thin. They tell each other things they wouldn t dream of stating a household member and swear them to maintain it a secret. Even though friends may non hold on everything, they are willing to listen to each other s sentiments. Friends aren t expected to give up everything for each other, but, as the relationship required, friends will be at that place for each other to state & # 8220 ; it ll be all right, & # 8221 ; or & # 8220 ; I m happy for you. & # 8221 ; The last, most common emotion associated with love is that which is shared between a adult male and adult female. This is the most prevailing signifier of love. The difference of this type of love from the other two is that the relation ship may affect sexual Communion. Love between work forces and adult females involves the connection of the two on an rational degree every bit good. It can be seen in about any successful matrimony that the understanding a hubby and married woman have for each other can be quite exceeding and unlike any other relationship. When two people come to cognize each other so good through the brotherhood that love brings, it is as if they become one, in that they have pure apprehension for each other s demands and feelings. It is at this point when they can truly experience love. True love is that which brings positive result for both persons, and is non dependent on, but grows from the physical facet of the relationship. If a twosome can turn and larn together and go better persons from a brotherhood, they will see love to its fullest.

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