Love In Midsummer Night

8 August 2017

& # 8217 ; s Dream Essay, Research Paper

Love? Is love controlled by human existences who love one another or is love controlled by a higher power? There are many people who believe that a higher power has control over love. An illustration of a higher power would be a cupid, a winging angel-type animal who is supposed to hit pointers at people to do them fall in love. There are other people who reject the thought that a higher power controls love and that the people who experience love can command it. In the novel, “ A Midsummer Night & # 8217 ; s Dream ” , by William Shakespeare, several illustrations of love & # 8217 ; s association with a higher power are presented. With the usage of illustrations from the above novel, this essay will discourse the grounds that love is associated with a higher power. Examples like: Thesius set uping a matrimony between himself and Hippolyta, Egeus taking who Hermia should get married and the faeries who have the ability to command love in the Enchanted Forest.

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In the narrative, the supreme swayer of Athens, Thesius ends up get marrieding Hippolyta, the Queen of the Jungle. However, during the whole narrative, Hippolyta ne’er throughly discusses her feelings and thoughts about the matrimony. She acts as if she has no pick but to get married Thesius. This can be proven by analyzing Hippolyta & # 8217 ; s place in the relationship between herself and Thesius. Hippolyta was captured by Thesius during conflict and Thesius intimidates Hippolyta into get marrieding him since he is a supreme swayer and she was defeated by him. Thesius reveals that he capture Hippolyta in conflict in the undermentioned quotation mark, “ I wood thee by my sword/ And won thy love making thee hurts ” ( Act I, Pg 7 ) . The above quotation mark and the fact that Hippolyta ne’er discusses her feelings about the nuptials leads the reader to believe that she doesn & # 8217 ; t truly love him but is forced into the matrimony due to his authorization. Thesius & # 8217 ; authorization is the higher power in this illustration and her love ( in matrimony ) is controlled by the duke & # 8217 ; s authorization by coercing her to get married him.

Another illustration of a higher power commanding one & # 8217 ; s love can be seen when the relationship between Egeus and his girl Hermia, is observed.

In Act 1, when Hermia confesses her love for Lysander to her male parent, Lysander, Helena, Demetrius and Thesius, her male parent Egeus is really disquieted. Egeus is disquieted because Hermia is withstanding his wants for her to get married the adult male that he chose, Demetrius. When Hermia objects to her male parent & # 8217 ; s wants, Egeus starts to endanger her life in an effort to acquire her obeisance, “ As she is mine, I may dispose of her/ which shall be either to this gentlemen/ or to her decease, harmonizing to our law/ Immediat

ely provided in that instance ” ( Act I, Pg 9 ) . In this illustration, the higher power place is assumed by Egeus, Hermia’s male parent who is frustrated because his girl won’t marry the adult male of his pick but a adult male that she chose, Lysander. Her father’s choler causes Lysander and Hermia to run off, and be followed by Helena and Demetrius. The twosomes so end up in the Enchanted Forest where a whole series of events that mix up the lovers occur. After everything returns to normal, the twosomes return to Athens. Interestingly, Lysander and Hermia end up marrying. The fact that Lysander and Hermia got married proves that love can besides get the better of a higher power. Hermia defied her male parent, the higher power and still ended up get marrieding the adult male that she wanted.

The most interesting parts of the narrative take topographic point in a environment known as: The Enchanted Forest. In the Enchanted Forest, legion Numberss of animals exist with the add-on of faeries. These faeries, for illustration Oberon, Titania and Puck, have the ability to utilize charming that can alter the feelings of love in people. Since the twosomes wandered into the Enchanted Forest, they end up acquiring assorted up in a series of events where Puck changes the feelings of the twosomes by utilizing a love potion on Lysander. After waking with the love potion in his eyes, Lysander ends up falling in love with Helena. On the other manus, Helena is still in love with Demetrius, who is in love with Hermia. Finally, Hermia is in love with Lysander. Basically, Puck changes the twosomes about because he applied the potion to Lysander alternatively of Demetrius. Fortunately, the state of affairs is solved and the twosomes get back together. The higher power in this instance proved to be the faeries because of their ability to utilize charming to alter the feelings of love in people. This proves that a higher power can command the feelings of love in people.

In decision, all of the above paragraphs dealt with illustrations turn outing that love can be associated to a higher power. A higher power in definition is any being or group of existences that have direct control over the actions of another being. Two of the illustrations showed how a higher power can command love and one of the illustrations showed how love can withstand a higher power and prevail. In any instance, it has been proven that a higher power does be when covering with love. Many people have wondered what love truly is and how love develops between people. Even if love International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t associated with a higher power in life, it is a unusual phenomenon and so far the association of love with a higher powers is a valid

suggestion as it was proven in the narrative, “ A Midsummer Night & # 8217 ; s Dream ”

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