Love in the Future by John Legend

8 August 2019

I have always been a fan of John Legend and can recognize the sound of his music in my sleep; my admiration for his music may make my opinion slightly biased towards his albums. Everyone that listens to John Legend cannot deny the fact that he is gifted at what he does. Based on his most recent album, “Love in the future,” it is evident that his music and talent gets better with time.

The album, “Love in the Future,” has a timeless variety of songs. There are multiple tracks with the use of different musical instruments and a variety of beats, some slow and others fast pace. I loved the album upon my first preview; however it took me a couple of days to let the songs marinate in order to truly appreciate the album. The continuous theme throughout the album was love, which seems cliche but is what we all genuinely look for in an R&B album. This album not only elaborates on restoring love but also love in the future.

This album tells the relatable story of how we all want to be loved. Almost all radio stations in the United States play “All of Me,” repeatedly. Multiple individuals love this song because it emphasizes on loving your significant other regardless of their curves, edges and imperfections. John Legends lyrics are creative and impactful, this song being a perfect example of how no one is perfect. Although this song is the most popular, all the other songs on the Album have impeccable lyrics and convey an important message to the listeners.

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