Love Is Only a Feeling

7 July 2019

Despite a few floppy tracks, “Love Is Only a Feeling” (song) is a stupendous song with incredible lyrical choice.As Joey is explaining in the intro how this female makes him happy, he goes on about their future together and the things they will/can share:

Look, I love her curves but what’s more
Is the way she articulates words
Can’t help observe and stare
When she in the mirror
Masking the massacre while she fixing her hair

Love Is Only a Feeling Essay Example

Possibly referring to the pain in her life, this woman uses makeup to distract herself from the fact that she is in pain. Strictly speaking, joey can’t keep his eyes off her as she is covering the “massacre” on her face.

Joey appreciates her independence as a woman, although she is wrapped up in the idea of being alone and not needing any man, Joey would love to be hers:

I wanna see you shine like the gem that you are
Want you be so secure that they can see from
That you don’t need another man

It’s a beautiful emphasis that acknowledges the aspects that make her, her.
Joey wants to exemplify his relationship with this woman, he is so enthralled that he can’t help but to get thrilled with the thought of having a future with her. As he looks at her he sees how much of a real mature relationship they have, to him it’s perfect and wishes to hold onto it forever:

You’re the only reason i be, staying here
Wanna paint a picture, let’s make it clear
The future so bright baby, race you there

To him, “painting a picture” is a visual to what he wants forever but his word choice in the chorus can be slightly confusing:

Love is only a feeling
Love is only a feeling
Love is only a feeling
Love is only a feeling

The fact that the whole song is talking about romance, the chorus contradicts the versus saying “love is only a feeling” because it suggests this love he has or wishes to have will disappear someday because although he wishes to have a future with this woman, love is only a feeling to him. Furthermore, it can also be more of a fear; a fear to accept love because once it is accepted you become vulnerable and “unprotected” which gives them the power to hurt you.
Sincerely for Joey, Love is Only A Feeling.

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