Love Lust And Obsession In The Great

7 July 2017

Love, Lust And Obsession In The Great Gatsby Essay, Research Paper

Love, Lust and Obsession in The Great Gatsby

There is a all right line between love and lecherousness. If love is merely a will to possess, it is non love. To love person is to keep them dear to one & # 8217 ; s bosom. In The Great Gatsby, the characters, Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan are said to be in love, but in world, this seems to be a misconception. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald portrays the subjects of love, lecherousness and compulsion, through the character of Jay Gatsby, who confuses lecherousness and compulsion with love. By the terminal of the novel nevertheless, Jay Gatsby is denied his & # 8220 ; love & # 8221 ; and suffers an prematurely decease. The writer interconnects the relationships of the assorted outstanding characters to back up these thoughts.

The character of Jay Gatsby was a affluent man of affairs, who the writer developed as chesty and tasteless.

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Gatsby & # 8217 ; s love involvement, Daisy Buchanan, was a subdued socialite who was married to the dim witted Tom Buchanan. She is the perfect illustration of how adult females of her degree of society were supposed to move in her twenty-four hours. The fortunes environing Gatsby and Daisy & # 8217 ; s relationship kept them everlastingly apart. For Daisy to be with Gatsby would hold been out, due to the fact that she was married. That really construct of their love being out, besides made it all the more intense, for the thought of holding a prohibited love, like William Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s Romeo and Juliet, made it all the more desirable. Gatsby was retrieving back five old ages to when Daisy was non married and they were together:

[ His bosom began to crush faster as Daisy ‘s white face came up to his ain. He knew that when he kissed this miss, and everlastingly wed his ineffable visions to her perishable breath, his head would ne’er frolic once more like the head of God. So he waited, listening for a minute longer to the tuning fork that had been struck upon a star. Then he kissed her. At his lips ‘ touch she blossomed for him like a flower and the embodiment was complete. ]

His memory of her is sweet and beautiful so that even without stating it, it is obvious that he was, and perchance is still, in love with her. He remembered the past and convinced himself that it could be like that one time once more. He became delusional with love, and was blinded by it.

Because Daisy was married, it was impossible for she and Gatsby to be together, but this did non halt them from in secret chat uping and softly interchanging their items of fondness.

[ ‘Who wants to travel to town? ‘ demanded Daisy insistently. Gatsby ‘s eyes floated toward her. ‘Ah, ‘ she cried, ‘you look so cool. ‘

Their eyes met, and they stared together at each other, entirely in infinite. With an attempt she glanced down at the tabular array.

‘You ever look so cool, ‘ she repeated.

She had told him that she loved him, and Tom Buchanan saw ]

Before this quotation mark, Tom had no intimation of Gatsby and Daisy & # 8217 ; s secret matter and when he finds out, it makes him crazed. The idea of non holding control over his adult females made him ferocious. He besides thought that to love person, you had to rule them and the minute he realizes that he has lost this domination, he panics because he thinks that possibly Daisy doesn & # 8217 ; t love him any longer. Gatsby senses that Tom is disquieted which gives Gatsby a sense of power since it is now he who has control over Daisy, for the clip being.

To crave for person is to hold sexual yearnings for a individual. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald portrays lust through Gatsby. It is mentioned that before he met Daisy, he lusted after many adult females,

yet he held no regard for them.

[ He knew adult females early, and since they spoiled him he became disdainful of them, of immature virgins because they were nescient, of the others because they were hysterical about things which in his overpowering self-absorption he took for granted. ]

Until he met Daisy, he took adult females for granted, ne’er understanding the value of regard and love. The character of Gatsby gives adequate grounds to reason that lecherousness has nil to make with love, and that they are wholly different frames of head. Gatsby lusted for adult females, but did non esteem or love his lust objects. They were merely objects of desire.

When lecherousness becomes an compulsion, lust becomes unsafe. It can wholly overmaster a individual until they become controlled by it. By the terminal of this book, Gatsby has becomes obsessed with Daisy. He thinks of nil else but her and invariably analyses over every small item of her life. He wanted her so much to hold her, that it consumed his life.

[ He wanted nil less of Daisy than that she should travel to Tom and state: ‘I ne’er loved you. ‘ After she had obliterated four old ages with that sentence they could make up one’s mind upon the more practical steps to be taken. One of them was that, after she was free, they were to travel back to Louisville and be married from her house – merely as if it were five old ages ago.

‘And she does n’t understand, ‘ he said. ‘She used to be able understand. We ‘d sit for hours- ‘

He broke off and began to walk up and down a bare way of fruit rinds and discarded favours and crushed flowers.

‘I would n’t inquire excessively much of her, ‘ I ventured. ‘You ca n’t reiterate the yesteryear ‘

‘Ca n’t reiterate the yesteryear? ‘ he cried unbelievingly. ‘Why of class you can! ‘ ]

Gatsby becomes delusional with the idea of Daisy. He once more thought that he could turn back the custodies of clip and have everything the same and perfect, with the exclusion of a few dollars or so. He had no life any longer. She was his life.

It is besides clear that the drive motive for acquiring all his money was so that he will appeal to Daisy. She was a material adult female and she was used to populating a munificent life. She knew that if she married Gatsby, she would hold to give up many of the luxuries that she had become accustomed to over the old ages of her life. Gatsby & # 8217 ; s whole attempts in this book are focused on seeking to convey him and Daisy back to the point of clip before he joined the ground forces, except this clip he has adequate money for her.

& # 8216 ; She ne’er loved you, wear & # 8217 ; t you hear? & # 8217 ; he cried. & # 8216 ; She merely married you because I was hapless and she was tired of waiting for me. It was a awful error, but in her bosom she ne’er loved any one except me! & # 8217 ;

He wanted to reiterate the yesteryear and have it precisely the manner it was before he joined the ground forces. She wasn & # 8217 ; t willing to put on the line her societal position for the adult male she loved ; reasoning that she did non truly love him.

Near the terminal of the novel, the hubby of the adult female Daisy had killed slayings Gatsby. Gatsby was denied Daisy & # 8217 ; s love and he thenceforth paid for her actions. She walked off with her life and societal position in tact and continued to populate in luxury, paying no idea to the fact that the adult male she had & # 8220 ; loved & # 8221 ; , was killed for an action that she herself had committed.

Throughout the novel, the character of Gatsby portrayed the sequence of love, to crave, to compulsion. By demoing this sequence, he differentiated between the three, subtracting that they all were different things. If love is merely a will to possess, it is non love.

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