Love Me by Justin Bieber

7 July 2019

The hit teen sensation, Justin Bieber is over-rated. He is a fifteen-year-old boy singing about loving and doing girls. In the song “Love Me”, Bieber sings, “Love me, Love me, say that you love me. Fool me, fool me. Oh how you do me.” I think that this is inappropriate for such a young boy to be singing about this. It sends the wrong message to young teenage boys and girls, who are beginning to learn and explore a new part in their lives. The songs that he sings send the message that all girls need to do to have a boy love them is to have physical relations with them And to boys, it sends the message that the only way to tell girls that they love them, is to also have physical relations.

To me, this is wrong. His audience’s age group is between eleven and seventeen. Young adults in this age group should know that just because the stars are singing about loving girls or guys, does not mean that they have to do the same things that the artists are singing about.

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But it is true, that if Bieber did not sing about this stuff, it would not sell. People like amd live for songs about love. Justin Bieber is a good singer, I give him credit for that, but I think he should consider singing about different things that are more appropriate to his age group.

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