Love Songs [They Kill Me] by Cinema Bizarre

8 August 2019

If you’re searching for your next big German, alternative band, Cinema Bizarre is fantastic for you because they also do fluid English songs.
The band formed 2005, originated in Berlin, Germany. The group had released their first debute album on September 14, 2007 “Love songs (They Kill Me)”.
The boys have made their first studio album “Final Attraction’ in 2007. The three singles that were released on the album are; Love songs (They Kill Me), Escape To The Stars, and Forever or Never.
My favorite songs from this German band is Heavensent, it’s beautiful and very amazing to listen repeatedly.
This band really is worth listening to, but it was announced in 2010 that they were taking a break. Nobody knows when they’re going to get back together. I love this band!

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