Love Ways by Spoon

8 August 2019

Spoon-Love Ways
released in 2000

The band Spoon is from Austin, Texas and they are a American rock band. The band members are Britt Daniel, Jim Eno, Rob Pope, and Eric Harvey. After releasing 3 other albums starting in 1996 Spoon released their fourth album in 2000, Love Ways.This album has 5 songs(Change my Life, I Didn’t Come Here to Die, Jealousy, The Figures of Art, Chips and Dip). I don’t normally listen to rock music but when my English teacher played one of their songs in class it grabbed me. I decided to listen to some more. This album had been on repeat for 3 days and I can’t stop listening to it. The reason I can’t stop listening to it is because I can’t decide if I like it. Normally I don’t buy whole albums because I think in albums most of the songs sound the same.

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Love Ways by Spoon
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This is true with this album, but it’s true with every other album with every artist. With this said my favorite song on this album is Chips and Dip. I like this song because it starts out slow with a steady beat and then it starts to build at certain part and then goes down to a steady beat again. This is not my typical music but I like it very much! I think anyone can enjoy this album. Listening to this album has lead me to more of their songs such as Don’t You Evah. Even though I would not suggest to buy the album I would buy two to three songs.

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