Love Ways by Spoon

8 August 2019

Spoon-Love Ways
released in 2000

The band Spoon is from Austin, Texas and they are a American rock band. The band members are Britt Daniel, Jim Eno, Rob Pope, and Eric Harvey. After releasing 3 other albums starting in 1996 Spoon released their fourth album in 2000, Love Ways.This album has 5 songs(Change my Life, I Didn’t Come Here to Die, Jealousy, The Figures of Art, Chips and Dip). I don’t normally listen to rock music but when my English teacher played one of their songs in class it grabbed me. I decided to listen to some more. This album had been on repeat for 3 days and I can’t stop listening to it. The reason I can’t stop listening to it is because I can’t decide if I like it. Normally I don’t buy whole albums because I think in albums most of the songs sound the same. This is true with this album, but it’s true with every other album with every artist. With this said my favorite song on this album is Chips and Dip. I like this song because it starts out slow with a steady beat and then it starts to build at certain part and then goes down to a steady beat again. This is not my typical music but I like it very much! I think anyone can enjoy this album. Listening to this album has lead me to more of their songs such as Don’t You Evah. Even though I would not suggest to buy the album I would buy two to three songs.

Love Ways by Spoon Essay Example

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