Love your neighbour

7 July 2016

The article I have chosen Is “Children are the best peacemakers in the Middle East” and was written by Izzeldin Abuelaish. In this article, it focuses on a women having a law suit against Isreal for the killing of her two daughters. In order to get closure, The women wanted Israel to understand the pain she and others have faced, not deny it or ignore it in arrogance and ignorance. These traits are currently dominating the decisions being made and they cannot progress to a state of goodwill unless that changes. People are not just numbers and statistics. She wanted them to know that we feel pain, we love, we hurt.

One of the biggest pains for her was when the legal adviser to the Israeli Ministry of Defence described her daughters’ deaths as “collateral damage”. It is for those children, and for her three daughters and niece who She lost in the Gaza war, that she tour numerous countries, trying to promote justice, respect and the understanding that we are human and we are fundamentally the same. The journey is difficult, because she is often away from home, but her soul is energised by the people I meet along the way others who hope, like her, that a peaceful solution will be found to a crisis that has already gone on for far too long.

Love your neighbour Essay Example

The women implore Israelis and Palestinians to develop the necessary moral courage and responsibility to move forward with actions towards a process that would save the lives of families and, most important, children. Instead of moving tanks, there needs to be a movement of hearts. Instead of continuing a cycle of action and reaction, there needs to be action on the ground, not just talks. Each of us should do our part, depending on our circumstances and abilities. All the military might of the Israeli state is not providing it with security and safety.

In the article, she also says that all the rockets going into Beersheba are not providing Palestinians with the rights they are entitled to. The Israeli government has enforced a statute of limitation for Palestinians to challenge and ask questions. After that, the assumption is that we should forget our loved ones, that we should move on. The women in the article says that as long as she is alive, her daughters will live on with her. She also says as long as she is walking on a path towards justice and peace, her daughters will be walking with her.

Justice for her daughters is striving to ensure that more young lives are not lost. This article is strictly representing peacemaking, not only with justice, but with rights. I think this article shows a sign of “Love your Neighbor” and peacemaking because this women put herself in a position to forgive the ones who have hurt her, and not only move on, but pass the message on. Peacemaking and justice should be taught and passed on, and that’s exactly what this women did. She wanted everyone to love their neighbors so that there would be no more conflict between people.

As she traveled, she told her story, and was hopeful that people would listen to her so that lives would not be lost anymore. Peacemaking is made by teaching the people around you what is right. This women did not fight back and make things worse when her daughters died, but instead she made a decision to teach people all around the world how to take care of the people around them, which are infact their neighbors, so that the world will be a better place. This also shows what “Love your neighbor” means because loving your neighbor means to love them as your love yourself, and to love them and treat them the way you want to be treated.

The women in this article took matters into her own hands and decided to treat other people around her as she toured, the way she wants those people to act in the world. This made her feel like no conflict would happen if we just respected each other. Loving your neighbor does not just mean to love people that love you, or are your friends. Love your enemies so that you can help them love others around them. The women in this article believed that the biggest thing for her was to keep her daughters with her, and she knew this is what her daughters wanted her to do.

She stayed on a path towards justice and peace because she believes that justice for her neighbors will strive to bring more peace in the world. Notice that loving your neighbors isn’t only to be good with the people around you, it is to share and give back, but most importantly to strive for justice within everyone because if we have a strong relationship with everyone, our relationship with God will only get stronger, and I believe that thi women not only strengthened her relationship with God, but with her daughters as well.

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