Lovely People Do Stupid Things Essay Research

7 July 2017

Lovely Peoples Do Stupid Things Essay, Research Paper

Lovely Peoples Do Stupid Thingss

How is love to act upon our lives? Love-struck people do brainsick things to show how they care for that peculiar individual yet it is a long and blowy route to these actions. It is down this way that experience spawns and problem and felicity are felt. Janie Crawford of Zora Neale Hurston? s Their Eyess Were Watching God, shows the route through the stairss of her three relationships. These relationships, though non carry throughing 1s, conclude in breaking Janie? s hunt and apprehension of life.

Johnny Taylor, Janie? s foremost kiss and gatekeeper to her hereafter, When Janie was 16, she embarked on a sexual waking up. Johnny Taylor was a hapless immature adult male who lived in the Florida country. Janie allowed him to snog her over the fencing. Unfortunately, Nanny saw everything. With Nanny? s awful background of iniquitous workss done to her, she wanted the best for Janie.

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As she saw the buss, the doors of life opened for Janie and Nanny wasn? T traveling to hold her do the same errors that she had. Yet, Nanny had been impregnated under the fortunes of being a slave and this was non the instance for Janie. Nanny stated that? black adult females were the mules of the universe? , but she didn & # 8217 ; t want Janie to be a mule. She wanted to see Janie in a unafraid state of affairs before she died, and Logan Killicks could supply that.

Janie did non desire to get married Logan, but she did so because Nanny told her? that she would finally come to love him. ? Ironically, Logan wanted to coerce Janie into the servitude that Nanny feared. Besides, he was disappointed that Janie ne’er returned his fondness and attractive force. If he could non possess her through love, he would possess her by demanding her entry. At bosom, his actions arose from the fright that Janie would go forth him. Two months after her matrimony to Logan, Janie visited Nanny to inquire when she would get down loving him. Nanny berated Janie for non appreciating Logan & # 8217 ; s wealth. Although Logan pampered Janie for a twelvemonth, he began kicking that she was spoiled. That dark, Logan criticized Janie for being spoiled and lazy. Janie voiced his deepest frights when she suggested that she might go forth him. Logan reminded her of her household & # 8217 ; s repute, trusting to ache her feelings. Turning to these drastic of steps blew Janie into a craze and she left with a smooth-talking gentleman that really following twenty-four hours.

Janie chose to go forth Logan for Jody because he revived her dreams of love in matrimony. Her first marr

iage had taught her that matrimony and love do non travel manus in manus. However, she still believed that love was the best motive for matrimony. Jody promised that he would ne’er turn Janie into a common battalion mule. He promised her that she would harvest all the benefits of his work. His words spookily echo Nanny’s dream of reputability and fiscal security for Janie. However, Janie didn’t marry Jody because of these promises. She married him because he inspired the feelings she had experienced while sitting under the flowering Prunus persica tree when she was 16 and the minute her muliebrity became crystal clear.

Ironically, Janie & # 8217 ; s matrimony to Jody was the really incarnation of Nanny & # 8217 ; s dreams for her. Unlike Logan, he did non do her a battalion mule. He gave her fiscal security and reputability. However, the matrimony was mostly an unhappy brotherhood. Janie could non be herself around Jody. Furthermore, Jody still used Janie as a refuse even though he gave her wealth and reputability. So it seems that Nanny & # 8217 ; s worst frights and her highest hopes were realized in Janie & # 8217 ; s 2nd matrimony. It was until one afternoon in the shop that she met a lofty yet fine-looking immature adult male who went, queerly plenty, by the name of Tea Cake.

Tea Cake & # 8217 ; s wooing was different from that of Logan and Jody. Janie & # 8217 ; s first matrimony was more of a contract of sale between Nanny and Logan than anything else. Janie & # 8217 ; s 2nd matrimony was an flight from the first 1. Furthermore, it was based on defeated dreams. Jody courted her by speaking about himself and his dreams. Tea Cake, on the other manus, pursued Janie with a more romantic genius. Besides, he allowed her equal terms in negociating the footings of their relationship. Deriving personal freedom was a double procedure. First, she had to be free in her private life, but she besides had to liberate herself from curtailing societal attitudes. Merely so could she get down to mend the rift between her outside ego and her inside ego.

She feels that what she has learned from her relationship with Tea Cake can non be conveyed through words. Self-fulfillment is a personal journey that can merely be made through gaining life experience. Therefore, Janie acknowledges the flaws inherent in reciting her life, but she does non needfully undersell the importance of holding found her voice. Neither does she undersell the benefit of sharing her narrative with others. She doesn & # 8217 ; t believe that her narrative should be the individual, important guidebook to self-fulfillment. It can, nevertheless, inspire others to re-examine their lives.

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