Lovemaps( J Money ) & Sexual Landscapes ( JD Weinrich )

4 April 2015
Critiques & compares books on sexual development, pathology, eroticism and homosexuality.

Lovemaps by Money (1993) is a book about the development of human sexuality and eroticism. The author began using the term lovemap to replace the expression an idealized and highly idiosyncratic image (p. xvi). The lovemap is pronounced to be like a template in the brain that characterizes the idealized lover and the idealized, amorous, erotic, and sexualized relationship. Lovemap is said to differentiate as heterosexual without complexities, under optimum conditions; sexuoerotic rehearsal play found in infancy and childhood is the prerequisite to healthy heterosexual lovemap formation. Deprivation, neglect, prohibition, or abusive discipline and punishment of this play, or abrupt exposure to tabooed expression of sexuoeroticism may..

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