love;war by Barlowgirl

9 September 2019

Barlowgirl’s new cd “love&war” is an 11 track stop-and-make-you-think album worth picking up. “love&war” is the soundtrack to the fight to show others love while being at war with mainstream culture and ideas. Filled with empowering yet challenging lyrics, it’s message is relevant and appreciated by fans of the all girl group. Most of whom share the same struggle.
Power tracks such as “Come alive”, “Running out of time” and “Time for you to go” encourage listeners to stand up for what they believe in and not let others think for them. “Beutiful ending” is a slower song about laying down your selfishness for you own good. One ballad inperticular, “Tears fall”[feuturing the Fisk Jubilee singers] touches on the scars and lost lives of abortion. It’s almost garenteed to make you to tears. But most of all it mourns the “hearts that will never beat”.
“love&war” is encouraging fresh andenergizing. Barlowgirl step up artistaclly, musically and lyrically for their previos projects. It just goes to show how much they’ve grown in the last six years.
After listening to this cd you’ll be left with this challenge: “To live, to die and to war for the sake of love”. I highly recommend both this band and this cd.

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