Low life expectancy

7 July 2016

Today’s world is all about speed. Every single process is studied and programmed to be as quick as possible, with optimal efficiency. We are currently witnessing a fundamental transformation of the society that we can qualify as a robotisation, essentially in the developped countries. That could be beneficial for some countries, in some fields, for some people. But we all should be aware that there are humans that cannot follow this step. In fact, this new process is involving a wider gap between developped countries and the least developped countries concerning life expectancy.

Life expectancy is an average number of year given to a person at his birth depending on the country he was born in, and it is a factor defining the health of a country. Diseases, war, famine, death rates in one hand, national economic prosperity, standard education and performant healthcare in the other hand, there are many factors affecting the life expectancy in each country, making it better or worse. People tend to have. a longer. life in western countries like Israel where the average expectancy life is 81 years old, instead of Zimbabwe, where the average expectancy life is 52 years old (CIA, 2012).

Low life expectancy Essay Example

This essay will assess two solutions to low life expectancy in the developping world. First, the. promotion and improvement of the health care system and infrastructure, then the development of appropriate education programs to instruct and educate the population of those third world countries. The countries where life expectancy is very low are country where death rates are very high. These death rates are caused by further facts as war, diseases, pandemics and outbreaks so we can notice that healthcare system and infrastructure are very important to maintain the population in a good shape.

The difference between developped and developping countries concerning this matter has always been the economical issues. Developping countries, in order to improve their situation, must establish plans wich will structure an efficient government budget, however because of their low or very low GDP, this budget could be extremely tight regarding. healthcare and infrastructures dedicated to that matter. For example in UK, the budget dedicated to healthcare represents eleven percent of the GDP, whereas Angola

uses only 2% of public expenditure (WHO,2005). Due to such a low budget dedicated to Healthcare, developping countries are not able to provide efficient treatments and qualified medical staff to their citizens. The only solution to that issue for developping coutries is to increase their health care budget and place the ministry of health upper in their priorities. Increasing the tax rates on high income people would raise the budget and slightly rise the budget by 2% in the Gross Domestic Product.

Government should aso work on the drug prices and user fees to make it more affordable , and control the parallel market to prevent fiscal losses. A reasonnable and efficient use of ressources should imply an equilibrium in the third world economies and make them refill their budget. That would make the coutry eligible for a financial help from the world bank, the african development Bank or the IMF. Construction of new hospitals and purchases of drugs would then be possible perspectives.

Moreover, the governments should focus on supportive private health care and introduction of a health insurance that would help people keep their money and still get efficient treatments. Improving healthcare all over the world and especially in the developping coutries is actually one of the most relevant issues of the 21rst century. The second part of the essay focuses on the educational kind of treatment that people in the developping coutries should get in order to educate them to the new technologies that they will be facing, the new facilities that tey will be using.

Education will also allow the medical staff to supply the knowledge and services that people are expecting. On top of that, education will improve peoples situation, working in better places and not being in contact with diseases and bacterias. They will earn more money and that is improving the situation of the country as well, by increasing the GDP. We can say that ducation is at the begining of the chain that will bring a country to prosperity. In order to improve the medical treatments quality, the ministry of education should organize training programs and.

seminars for the. medical body (WHO, 2000). In a close collaboration with the ministry of Health and some associations, the Ministry of education should promote hygenie among primary schools, high schools, universities and other educational institutions through presentations, or conferences with medical bodies or even advertisement. The local associations should be also supported and prevention should happen mor often. ‘Give soap a chance! ‘ (wash hands, 2012) is a slogan used by NHS in the UK, a world leading country in terms of health.

Awareness of young people associated with scientific knowledge and prevention actions would be a great sanitary improve and could lead to a rie in the life expectancy rise. According to the previous sayings, we can say that life expectancy could be well improved by working on how to manage the budget to improve the sanitary system, and improving the educational system that will in a way rise the awareness of people concerning health care and science. Even if we focused on two aspects of low life expectancy solutions, we should mention that famine, war and natural disasters are also issues that governments should work on.

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