Lpu: at the Frontier of Internationalization Through Quality Education and Servie

4 April 2017

LPU: At the Frontier of Internationalization through Quality Education and Service “Education is a continuing process, a process that must, if it is to be effective and socially beneficial, seek to develop all the God-given faculties and the talents of the individual to their highest unfolding in order to make of him asset to his country and to the world community of which he is a part. – Former President J. P. Laurel. ” True to the ideals and philosophy of Dr. Jose P.

Laurel, Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) boasts of quality education and service that transcends the boundaries of traditional universities. Lyceum, as an autonomous school is ISO accredited and has an international curriculum in partnership with Dusit Thani. With such a competitive curriculum, students can delve into their academic interests, prepare for their career objectives and ascertain their full potentials in working towards the fulfilment of their professional goals.

Lpu: at the Frontier of Internationalization Through Quality Education and Servie Essay Example

In this world of instantaneous communication and state-of-the-art technology, education still holds a prominent place in the lives of every individual. This is because education is both a factor and product of globalization. Latest discoveries in the scientific field and advanced medical breakthrough are just by-products of an educated society. Lyceum places prime importance on education in the lives of each of its students by offering a curriculum that would best suit ones interest and enhance their talents.

Lyceum is aware of the society’s need for a better education and so, it incorporates new programs for students and continually improves its facilities and curriculum. Through the collaborative partnership of the university administration and its professors, Lyceum stands as an institution ready to meet the ever increasing needs of a university geared toward internationalization. Lyceum of the Philippines University has shown this irresistible push as it takes the lead toward globalization. This has been the trend of Lyceum as it provides the highest quality of education and service to compete on a global basis.

Lyceum continues to nurture its vision by unlocking new heights of knowledge. The quality of education and service is internationalized through the process of developing the curriculum in order to pass the requirements of internationalization. Developing the curriculum internationally and competitively, will create a distinguished reputation and make the institution have a high profile ranking. Not only on the development of international curriculum but also on the level of teaching qualities of the faculties which will attract more students.

Lyceum’s sophisticated and innovative environment for learning is a plus factor. There is an entrenched proof that Lyceum is on this track because of the achievements that it has reached so far both locally and internationally, and the products that it has produced in the lives of the students. After 45 years of existence, Lyceum has much to look back with pride. It has cultivated and fostered so many lives of men and women and saturated their minds with knowledge, enhanced their skills and talents, and ingrained in their hearts the values of life.

Despite the global crisis that world is facing now, Lyceum does not falter to achieve and reach its goal. It continues to cross the borders in facing and solving the challenges that lie ahead. The international aspiration that the university have becomes a motivation to set aside the national anxieties that the world is facing now. The global economic crisis will not be a hindrance to the university’s goals and aspirations. Today, Lyceum has emerged as a respected institution here and abroad and as it continues to take the lead in quality education and service.

It will continue to face the challenges that lie ahead in educating the millions. The competitive academic program and service that Lyceum offers proves that indeed it is at the frontier of internationalization. Lyceum has much to look forward to- both of opportunity and challenge. Opportunity because it has great access to the world of knowledge and technology that matches its educational and service aspirations. Challenge because in this highly competitive world, an institution can only succeed if it strives to work hard to achieve its goals.

To put it in a nutshell, Lyceum is at the frontier of internationalization through quality education and service it provides. In the midst of an intense global competition, Lyceum cannot afford to merely seclude its educational vision along the path of mediocrity. The vision, which is like a guiding star of Lyceum, must be transformed into clear priorities, programs and developments. Lyceum must not only know where it is heading to, but on how it can get to that point and reach for that star. Jemima Noreen S. David BSCAKO 1-A

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