Lucille Ball Essay Research Paper Lucille Ball

8 August 2017

Lucille Ball Essay, Research Paper

Lucille Ball was the most loved telecasting comedienne of her clip. She was an American icon and is considered the first lady of telecasting. With her strong work moral principle and her finding, Lucille non merely changed the face of telecasting, she besides paved the manner for a batch of other female actresses.

In 1940, Lucille Balled married her Cuban Born hubby Desi Arnaz. Together they developed the I Love Lucy show, which became one of the most popular situation comedies of all clip.

Although Lucille and Desi were set on making the plan, they had to get the better of a few obstructions foremost. For case, a adult female had ne’er had the starring function in a telecasting situation comedy and the webs were non certain that Lucille could transport the show. The major obstruction, nevertheless, was her matrimony to a Cuban. This would be the first clip on a web telecasting that a twosome would be inter-racial.

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The webs were positive that no 1 would believe that Lucy was married to a alien. Lucille and Desi had to travel on circuit the summer before the show started to turn out that the American populace would have them. Contrary to the webs belief, the populace did accept them and the show began in 1951.

The I Love Lucy show besides had a twosome of other & # 8220 ; number ones & # 8221 ; in web scheduling. Lucy and Desi decided to movie the series alternatively of making it in forepart of a unrecorded audience. Because each episode was on movie, they could reshow any episode at any clip. They fundamentally invented the term & # 8220 ; rebroadcast & # 8221 ; . When the series ended, they sold the show to independent Stationss and made 1000000s. This set the form for all of telecasting. Besides, for the first clip of all time on little screen, the lead character became pregnant. This worried the web superiors a batch. They were once more a

fraid of the reaction of the American populace. They felt that people would non desire to see a pregnant adult female on telecasting. After confer withing with censors and several reverends, the web decided to travel in front with the show. The lone affect it had was to convey in an even larger audience. It was a national event, on January 19, 1953 when Lucy Ricardo gave birth to Little Ricky on telecasting and Lucille Ball gave birth to her 2nd boy on the same dark.

The success of the show was unparallel. On the darks I Love Lucy aired, the majority of Americans stayed place in forepart of their telecasting sets. The show was ne’er ranked lower than 3rd in the evaluations. The I Love Lucy Show ended in 1957, but because of the rerun system that Lucille Ball and Desi created, it has ne’er been off the air since. 2

In 1960, Lucille and Desi divorced. She went on to star in several movies and besides in two more telecasting series, The Lucy Show and Here & # 8217 ; s Lucy. Although both shows were really successful, they ne’er rather reached the popularity of I Love Lucy.

Lucille Ball besides made a difference in the concern universe when she became one of the first female caputs of a production company. She headed Desilu Studios from 1962-1967 and Lucille Ball Productions organize 1967-1989.

Even when she did non hold a current series on T.V. , Lucille was still good loved. Lucille Ball died on April 26, 1989 and the universe lost an extremely complete actress. Lucille & # 8217 ; s ardent work ethic and passionate fortitude to win took her very far through life and she paved the manner for many adult females in the playing industry today. Throughout her life she had used her endowment to do 1000000s laugh and even after her decease she still maintains the regard that she warranted while she was populating.

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