Lucille Ball Essay Research Paper Lucille Desiree

7 July 2017

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Lucille Ball Essay Research Paper Lucille Desiree
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Lucille Ball Essay, Research Paper

Lucille Desiree Ball. The first idea that comes into many people? s

heads when this name is said would be? Lucy? the well known amusing

character she played on her popular Television series? I Love Lucy? ( 1951-57 ) .How

did she go a fable? With dreams of being on phase in musicals to being

the? star? in the large screen. Just like? Lucy? , Lucille yearned to be a celebrated

performing artist. Looking back now, anyone could state that her childhood dream

came true. Who would hold thought that a Jamestown farm miss could

go a Hollywood fable. I guess you can state it all started on August 6,

1911 in Jamestown New York & # 8211 ; when a? star? was born.

Lucille was the first kid of Henry Dunnell Ball and the former

Desiree Evelyn Hunt, both were teens when they were married and had

Lucille. She had ascendants from all over Europe. With roots from France

England, Scotland, and Ireland. ( Harris 20 )

Besides holding the ability to do anyone laugh any clip and in any

state of affairs. Another unforgettable trait Lucille had was her ruddy hair.

Unfortunately, she was brought into this universe with blond hair, that darkened

to a brunette. However she still kept that? small miss? quality, which became

one of her chief entreaties as a comic.

Lucille despised being called? Lucy? so her household nicknamed her?

Lucyball? . Although she tried to avoid being called? Lucy? after a certain

telecasting introduction in 1951, she was seldom called anything but? Lucy? .

Lucille? s male parent worked for her gramps, Jasper Ball as a electrical

lineman. As a consequence of his occupation, the household was invariably on the move.

Lucille ended up passing her childhood in topographic points like Anaconda, Montana,

and Wyandotte, Michigan. Army for the liberation of rwanda from her place of birth in Jamestown. ( Harris 20 )

Even as a kid Lucille possessed qualities similar to? Lucy? . Her

female parent ever had to bind a rope around her waist and hook it to the

clothesline in order to maintain Lucille out of problem. Most of the clip she did

anyhow. One forenoon her female parent looked out the window and saw her all

tangled up on a tree subdivision, imploring the milkman to assist her get free. ( Harris

20 )

Life seemed to travel good for immature Lucille. With a babe brother on the

manner. It was supposed to be their happiest twelvemonth. Until a calamity happened to

the Ball? s. In February, Henry Ball came down with typhoid febrility and died.

After her male parent? s decease, Lucille and her female parent moved to Jamestown to populate

her grandparents, Frederick and Florabelle Hunt. Shortly after the move,

Lucille? s babe brother Fred was born on July 3, 1915. Certain that Fred was

her female parent? s favourite Lucille hated her brother. Small did she cognize that her

mother dedicated her life to Lucille. Desiree had studied piano and wanted

Lucille to follow in her footfalls, but Lucille showed no involvement despite her

female parent? s attempts to learn her. ( Harris 21 )

Lucille was in attention of her grandparents most of the clip. Her female parent

still immature and desiring to happen a hubby made it hard to watch over

Lucille and Fred. Lucille was really near to her grandparents, particularly her

gramps. She got her first gustatory sensation of show concern from Grandpa Hunt.

Lucille loved watching music hall with her grandfather on Saturdays. When they

got place, she would reenact the show for her grandma. She besides used to

drama theatre with her friend Pauline Lopus. They used the barn as their

theatre, phase, sign of the zodiac, spread house. Lucille and her friends frequently put on

one-act dramas and reviews, for which they made their ain tickets, props, and

advertisement postings. She loved playing a male child in her Acts of the Apostless and the audience

loved it excessively. Her gramps saw her love for moving, and he promote her to

get involved in dramas at school and church. ( Harris 22 )

Like earlier whenever things seem to be traveling good for Lucille,

something had to travel incorrect. It did. In 1920 Lucille? s ma Desiree remarried,

and left Lucille and Fred temporarily. Later she sent for her childs where they

lived with her new hubby Ed Peterson. Ed was truly rigorous to the kids,

Lucille felt frustrated all the clip with his regulations. The lone manner out of this for

her was to do people laugh. Thingss began to travel bad in the Peterson place

Ed began imbibing. That? s when Lucille and her brother were sent back to

their grandparent? s house. Once once more tragedy strict, Lucille? s grandma

died from malignant neoplastic disease. With her grandma gone, Lucille had to take attention of

Fred. And at the age of 10, she began holding parttime occupations. During the

summer, she sold hot Canis familiariss and ice pick from a small summerhouse or on the

boardwalk. Lucille was in her teens when World War I and the Great

Depression. ( Harris 25-6 )

Lucille was the first miss in her neiborhood to acquire the British shilling hair cut, ain

a raccoon coat, and to have on unbuckled arctics. Like true? flapper? . At 15,

Lucille was 5? 6, every bit tall as she would of all time be. Many didn? T know if she was a

adult female or a kid because of her mature looks. Some people were leery

of where she got that $ 125 raccoon coat. But it was a payoff from her female parent

to maintain Lucille from dropping school. ( Harris 26 )

Lucille didn? T truly care about her instruction. She could hold been a

good pupil if she wanted to. At 15, she wanted to discontinue traveling to Jamestown

High School and travel to John Murray Anderson-Robert Milton School of the

Theater and Dance which she thought would take her to a large calling in

Broadway or in music hall. Desiree eventually agreed to allow Lucille travel, but merely

on a test bases for 6 hebdomads. Her ma doubted she wouldn? t acquire any farther

than that. Unfortunately her female parent was right, Lucille was in and out of that

school in 6 hebdomads. The school even sent her ma a missive literally stating she

was blowing her money. Lucille did hold a function theoretical account in her short clip at the

academy. Ruth Elizabeth Davis, or as she was known at the school Bette

Davis. Lucille would follow her around the school in complete admiration-

seeking to analyze her. ( Harris 26 )

It was back to Jamestown High. Lucille being a typical adolescent, hung

out at Harvey? s Drugstore, dated male childs, played on the miss? s hoops squad,

and was a cheerleader. Typical adolescent, except she was determined to

go an actress. ( Harris 28 )

Lucille? s gramps was forced to sell the house and ownerships to

wage for medical measures for an accident that happened at his house to one of

Fred? s friends. So they had to travel in with Desiree and Ed. Lucille couldn? T

base populating in such a little house with so many people. She frequently took the

train to transpose between Jamestown and New York. ( Harris 28 )

/ & gt ;

Over the following few old ages Lucille tried and failed to set down occupations in the

amusement universe. She even tried utilizing phase names, she encouraged

people to name her? Montana? . No affair what she called herself, Lucille

could acquire no further than hearings. She supported herself by acquiring

parttime occupations selling theatrical cosmetics at Grey? s apothecary’s shop and bookkeeping at

Woolworth? s. Lucille even considered going a beautician, but she didn? T

hold the money to take the class required to acquire a licence. During this clip

she lived with a household in Washington Heights while go toing the

Anderson-Milton school once more. Feeling homesick, she moved back to

Jamestown and went back to Jamestown High. Where she joined a group

called the? Player? . Lucille got the portion of the taking function in Within the

Law, a production of Bayard Veiller. She even dyed her hair to acquire more into

her character. Well the critics raved about Lucille? s public presentation. Although

no audience or endowment lookouts were in the audience. Positive responses sent her

back to New York for another attempt at celebrity. ( Harris 30 )

Delayed but non discouraged Lucille was unable to happen a acting calling

at that place. However she did happen a little mold occupation which turned into a large

patterning occupation. At first it was patterning frocks for manner shows. Which paid

merely $ 25 a hebdomad. Then she got aid from Roger Furse who got her patterning

chapeaus at a ritzy salon for Hattie Carnegie. Thingss seemed to be traveling good with

her mold, until she fractured her spinal column in a car accident in Central Park.

She spent three old ages recovering in a infirmary. From wheelchair to crutches,

so eventually she could walk once more. Lucille couldn? T go back to her occupation, Hattie

Carnegie had died and left no record that Lucille had work for her. Lucille

still fighting, landed a occupation to present for a hoarding. ? The Chesterfield Girl? .

The ad won her two screen trials, one at Paramount studio in Long Island and

the other at Vitagraph Brooklyn. But cipher wanted to develop her into a

film actress, she decided to look elsewhere. One twenty-four hours while shopping for

underclothes, she bumped into a agent Sylvia Hahlo. She had merely lost a client

and she needed one more miss for a company that she was directing to California

to work for Sam Goldwyn. She was one of the 12 theoretical accounts selected to

romanticize Roman Scandals, a musical extravaganza. I guess that was her large

interruption, to go the? star? . Small did she cognize it was merely the beginning of

a life long career full of glamor, laughter, and cryings. ( Harris 34-6 )

From at that place, Lucille went along with the other misss to Chicago where

she starred in her first film? The Old Maestro? . Another movie she starred

in was Roman Scandal, it? s similar to? The Wizard of Oz? . She started

playing walk on functions and from there she played bigger more of import functions

until finally she had parts in films like. After she moved to Hollywood,

California in 1933, she appeared in tonss of gesture images, including

Phase Door ( 1937 ) , Five Came Back ( 1939 ) and Dance Girl Dance ( 1940 )

where she met Desi Arnaz, which she fell in love with and was married to on

November 30, 1940 in Connecticut. ( Harris 87-8 ) ( Encarta 98 Encyclopedia )

Lucille? s unforgettable Television series? I Love Lucy? was a large success

which starred her hubby Desi Arnaz which she met while on the set of Too

Many Girls- a Broadway musical. The secret plan was simple for? I Love Lucy? in

this series Ball and Arnaz play Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, a married twosome

who lived in a New York flat. It focused on their mundane household life,

particularly Lucy? s efforts to go a phase performing artist and the attempts of

bandleader Ricky to maintain her out of it. The screaming show started in 1951

and ended in 1957. ( Encarta 98 Encyclopedia )

During her old ages of? I Love Lucy? at the age of 40 and ten old ages

after they were married she had her foremost kid, Lucie Desiree Arnaz. Born on

July 17, 1951. Then in January 19, 1953 she gave birth to Desi Jr. , which

made? I Love Lucy? an even bigger success. Since they added? Small Ricky?

into the book. ( Harris 168, 189 )

Although on Television the supposed Lucille and Desi seemed to be the happiest

twosome. But in world things couldn? t be any worst. Constantly contending on

and off the set. Their unstoppable statements and temporally separations

finally turned into a bad divorce in 1959. ( Encarta 98 Encyclopedia )

Fame and luck. Isn? T that what Lucille wanted from the beginning?

Her childhood dream had become a world. But, like world non everything

was dreams. Ricky remarried, go forthing Lucille all entirely. But she got back on

her Equus caballus and she starred in tonss of good Television shows, movies and on Broadway

after? I Love Lucy? ended. ( Encyclopedia )

In February 1989, Lucille received a call from the manufacturers of

moviedom? s one-year Academy Awards dramatic inquiring if she? vitamin D squad up

with Bob Hope on the following telecast. It was an offer she couldn? T garbage. She

even bought a beautiful black beaded gown with a gold sequined collar

for the Awards. Lucille and Bob Hoped received a standing ovation when

they strolled out on phase of the Chandler Pavilion on March 29. The following

twenty-four hours Bob called her to see how she was experiencing, claimed to be all right. She had

programs to wing to Jamestown, nevertheless she ne’er made it back to her hometown.

Three hebdomads after the telecast while eating breakfast she felt a stabbing hurting

in her thorax. And was taking to Cedars-Sinai Hospital exigency room. She

had to hold unfastened bosom surgery, at first she seemed to hold been retrieving

good. Then on April 24, 1989 she suffered a full cardiac apprehension. Although the

physicians tried to acquire her bosom started once more, it merely wasn? t plenty. She was

declared dead at 6:04 a.m. at the age of 77. Equally shortly as the intelligence broke out

fans flocked to Lucille? s house in Beverly Hills go forthing flowers at her

doorsill. To avoid a circus of a public funeral, she didn? Ts have one. Her

organic structure was cremated and the ashes were buried in the Family secret plan at Forrest

Lawn. Gary Morton her two kids and their partners were the lone

informants. ( Harris 328-32 )

Whether if any one believes it, there is no inquiry that Lucille Ball

will travel on everlastingly in the Black Marias of those who have seen her in? I Love Lucy?

or in the tonss and tonss of other successful plans and films she did

in her life. Because of the long range of Television no other individual in my sentiment

has of all time brought more laughter to the universe. Her wit is cosmopolitan and

timeless. Her work will look even funnier as clip goes on. She left us a

fable, turn outing that even your wildest dreams can come a world.

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