4 April 2019

The most fundamental place in my world is the passenger seat of a 15 year old Honda Odyssey with my father driving and the radio blasting. My beautiful city passes by as I dream of a future I do not know will ever transpire. Here I simply am. I do not stress, I do not cry, I exist and hold on to the idea that the present is the most important time of my life. Ever since the age of 4, I have used the moment described to log all my feelings. This may sound silly and romantic, but the ten minute drive to wherever my family’s busy life takes me, is where my world shapes who I am.

So many people tell us busy teenagers to relax, get off our phones, and actually see the world. For however long the car ride is, that is exactly what I am doing. I realize how grateful I am to have grown up in an amazing city with a loving family and good education. I realize life is not about fanciful dreams but about the stock goodness of warm food and solid safety. My world has taught me to appreciate the simple things, yet my world is unique in that it has given these simple things unconditionally. The best memories I will carry from childhood are the conversations with my brother over late-night ramen and singing Taylor Swift while doing math homework. There is no shame in the life I live, in my upbringing. I know I have not faced nearly as many obstacles as those who will apply to this college, but that does not mean I do not understand what they are. I have heard it through my grandmother’s stories of World War II, I have seen it through my parent’s struggles in a new country, and I have sat by it when my 5 year old autistic brother could not tell me what he wanted to eat. Most importantly I am grateful for it. I have been given the privilege of living a life that is surrounded by struggles, not permeated by them. I have learned something that can never be preached, coached, or lectured into me. That I am simply lucky. I have the responsibility to take this luck and make my life into something worthwhile. Whether “worthwhile” means helping the earth or helping the people, is not yet clear to me, but I hope pursuing higher education will clarify this mission.

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I listen to my parents speak about the good old days, how they wish they had realized the good times while they were in them. My number one goal is to never feel this way. I want to jump into every opportunity with an open heart and open mind, regardless of the damage I may encounter. I’d much rather fail at something than say I never tried because I know I have the obligation to take the opportunities I’ve been given and create something great. I understand that my community, school, and home have given me a life millions of children dream of. I live to make those dreams worthwhile.

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