Lugbara of Uganda

4 April 2015
A review of the ethnographic book “Lugbara of Uganda” by John Middleton and a history of Uganda.

This paper examines the book “Lugbara of Uganda” by well-known ethnographer Middleton, which presents observations of the different African cultures and some unexplored areas. It includes a case study of the Lugbara people of Uganda with a description of the society and the complex sociopolitical system. The paper provides a summary of the history of Uganda and investigates the current conditions and issues of these cultures.
“The book “Lugbara of Uganda” is written by one of the most famous and well-known ethnographers who have worked on different African cultures and have explored different untouched avenues of the African world. This book is a result of about 30 years of research and writing by the author as well as his colleagues and peers. In this book, Middleton has sketched the picture of the specific ethnic group of Uganda i.e. the Lubgara people. In this case study he has given a sensitive description of how this society, composed of a complex sociopolitical system and which was once dependent on such practices as dispute and warfare to gain control of the society and to keep the competition alive, has now become a civilization of refugees who are continuous victims of harassment.”

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