Lumineers Concert Review by The Lumineers

8 August 2019

The Lumineers: Concert review

It wasn’t my first time going to a concert, but it was the first time having a family member be the main reason why people attended a concert. And it made me feel proud to and extremely happy for him. The Lumineers is a folk rock band and their lead singer is my Uncle Wess. Uncle Wess is humble, kind, and is not blinded by fame. He worked hard to get to where he is now. He went from working at a Starbucks and practicing the guitar in his roomwith a friend, who is now a member of the band now too. He did this without a father’s support, because his father passed away before he could see his son accomplish his dream.
The music and the people walking around in the hot sun created an amazing environment. The people didn’t know we were family, so they pay “much” attention to us they smiled and just walked past us not acknowledging us. We did have trouble with getting the passes to see my uncle back stage and to be up in front. But other then trying to keep our place since there weren’t any seats, and having trouble getting the right tickets the music was very well played.

Lumineers Concert Review by The Lumineers Essay Example

The sun was hot, but there were plenty of stands to get drinks and food. Though the food was expensive and took forever to wait in line for, it was all worth the wait. When the other artists who were playing before my uncle took the stage,I knew the songs thatthe other bands played, but they were not my main focus that day. The only reason why I was standing in the middle of an airfield was because of my uncle. His songs reach people. For example, Charlie Boy was about his father’s brother who went to the Vietnam War and he captured how the people acted when the war turned,including the reactions of families. “Charlie boy don’t go to war first born in 44. And Kennedy made him believe we could do much more. And lillian don’t hang your head love should make you feel good in uniform you raised a man volunteered to stand. Play the bugle play the taps make your mothers proud raise your rifles to the sky boys fire and fire. The news was bad at upman ave and mourn our lose, son rebelled while father yelled and mothers clutch the cross.” This song is one of my favorites and to the audience their favorite as well because the way he sings it portrays how his family felt, when the brother went off to war. His songs are personal which makes iteasy for people to relate.
One of the songs that almost everyone knows is Ho Hey. This song isn’t directly related to him,but he told me the meaning of the song that shares some meaning to him. “I have been trying to do it right I have been living lonely life, I have been sleeping here instead sleeping in my bed in my bed. So show me family all the blood I will bleed I don’t where I belong I don’t know where I went wrong but I can write a song. I belong with you, you belong with me in my sweet heart.”This song has two meanings that he can relate, because he to he didn’t know what he wanted to do until he started to make music. He didn’t have anything; he didn’t have the money, all he had were his dreams and his family to guide him and support him. “So show me family all the blood I will bleed.”His family did support him but they also warned him that it is hard work because he wasn’t known enough. The song represents a broken man that had broken dreams until love came along and helped the man accomplish his dreams “I belong with you, you belong with me in my sweet heart.” His girlfriend also helped him raise the money and supported him. So when he doubted his family and girlfriend showed love and support for him.

Wess always likes to have the audience interact; He would stop singing and the crowd would sing the rest of that verse. This makes me want to accomplish my dreams even if they are hard to get to. I watched him accomplish his dreams and please people. When I listen to his music it cheers me up it causes me to continue to push forward to keep my chin up and not to look back. Anybody can get the The Lumineers concert tickets online on the radio station’s website that plays their song. The true way to enjoy those tickets,to enjoy the concert is to understand and feel what his music represents and get into the music that he writes.

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