Luminiferous by High On Fire

10 October 2019

High On Fire is a sludge or stoner metal band that have formed around the early 2000s. Considering their popularity, they are one of the most respected bands in the metal community with many of their fans seeing as if they have made little to no mistakes in their music and yes, if they have a problem with one thing, it’s making a bad song or album by any means. But that just leaves for some extra enjoyment for the rest of us.
Luminiferous includes a slight change when compared to some of their previous works which is speed. Don’t worry however because you can still make sludgy styled thrash metal because you’re High On Fire for one, and two because you can basically use some magic voodoo trickery of layering your guitar and bass recordings, and downtuning the heck out of it. With such a beefy sound, it’s kind of hard not to like this band truthfully. The inclusion of 10 tracks adding up to about 54 minutes in length means that it has a good amount of time for something special, and they save all the sludge for the end tracks like The Cave and Luminiferous. Not to say the more thrashy songs like Slave The Hive, The Falconist, and Carcosa aren’t bad, far from that. In fact, I almost guarantee you’ll like both sides of this album whether or not you’re familiar with the thrash/sludge part in the first half. There could be some flaws, there are some small ones actually, but they’re so small it’s hard to really pinpoint from here. I guess one of them is the transition between the first two tracks, I’m almost certain Carcosa starts out the same as the first one, which ultimately confuses me. The writing for these tracks are great, it’s heavy, it’s sludgy and hey, most people are high up on this on and for good reason too. I really wasn’t hoping it would be as good as it actually is.
I give this a 9.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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