Lungs by Florence + The Machine

10 October 2019

Florence + The Machine’s “Lungs” is a classic in the alternative genre.
Florence Welch is able to make to feel like the most important person in the room throughout the album.You can listen to it whether you are celebrating your first kiss or coming out of a tough breakup.By the end of the album you know that everything will be alright.In “Hurricane Drunk” she captures how to get over the bad things that come your way, and in her most famous single, “Dog Days are Over”, you feel the joy of getting through trials.When you need let your hair down and gain strength, “Kiss with a Fist”, “I’m not Calling You a Liar” and “Drumming Song” are the perfect tunes to listen to.Florence is able to successfully switch between a joyful, emotional side, “Cosmic Love” and “You’ve Got the Love”, to a mysterious outlook, “Girl with One Eye” and “My Boy Builds Coffins”, and ties it all together with “Between Two Lungs”.
“Lungs” is an incredible album that takes you through a journey.It is easy listening, yet it takes you through an emotional joyride.You feel confident and know your worth when you listen to this album.Florence + The Machine victoriously use their poetic and unique sounds to make you fall in love with “Lungs”.

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