Luther Whitney Essay Research Paper Luther Whitney

8 August 2017

Luther Whitney Essay, Research Paper

Luther Whitney Essay Research Paper Luther Whitney Essay Example

Luther Whitney was a calling felon. Luther went to burglarise a house that he had scope out for many hebdomads. While he was vesting the house, the proprietor came place with the President of the United States. They started to contend Christy Sullivan went to knife the President with a missive opener but two secret service agents walked in and changeable Christy in the caput. The President was extemely intoxicated and did non recognize that Christy had been shot and killed. Luther had seen everything from the secret vault in the wall behind a one manner mirror. Gloria Russell walked into the room and the bloody muss on the floor. Bill Burton one of the secret service agents wanted to name the constabulary but Gloria wanted t Os clean up the seen and acquire out of there. They left Christy on the floor so that it looked like a robbery gone incorrect. Christy had managed to knife the President with the missive opener. Gloria put the missive opener in her bag but before she left the room it fell out. Luther went to go forth the house. He noticed the missive opener on the floor and picked it up and went out the window. Burton asked Gloria if she had the missive opener she cheeked her bag and said that she had dropped it someplace. Burton ran up to the sleeping room and saw the rope hanging from the window. Bill ran down stepss to catch Luther but he got off now the President is worried that he may acquire caught. Luther left the hotel where he was remaining T O go to the airdrome. He got on a plane traveling to Dallas/Forth Worth Then got a linking flight to Miami so another plane to Barbados. Walter Sullivan called the security company because his married woman would non pick u p the phone. The security guard found Christy on the floor and called the constabulary. The constabulary are seeking the house for any marks of burglary. Jack Graham is traveling to hold tiffin with his ex-girlfriend Kate Whitney. Jack said something about Kate & # 8217 ; s dad Luther so she walked out of the eating house. Jack chased after her and jumped into her auto and said that he was really regretful. Jack said that it was merely three O & # 8217 ; clock and possibly they could catch a film. Kate turned hin down and made him acquire out of her auto. Walter Sullivan had to place his married woman & # 8217 ; s organic structure at the mortuary. After he identified her, the technician wheeled her away and Walter started to shout. Jack had a meeting with the caput partnership leader at the house where he works. Jack is about to do spouse at the house chiefly because his biggest client is his girlfriend & # 8217 ; s male parent. Jack is traveling to get married Jennifer Baldwin, and she is shaving all of the nuptials with her female parent. Seth Frank is the caput research worker on the Sullivan slaying and he has nil to travel on because the slaying seen was cleaned. The secret service agents had cleaned Christy & # 8217 ; s organic structure after she had been shot. Seth keeps inquiring the medical scrutiny to look over the organic structure for anything that he can utilize to happen who did it. All that Seth could happen was a slug hole in the wall but they had removed the slug. Jack merely got back from a concern trip from the Ukraine for his jurisprudence house. He went with Walter Sullivan they had the best there was when they were at that place. It was approximately midnight when Jack got to his flat. He was on his manner out to acquire some nutrient when the phone rang. Luther was naming him to see how his girl Kate was making. They met at a small eating house that dark. Luther asked about Kate all Jack could state that they had a battle and he had non talk to Kate so he had nil to state Luther. Jack said that Luther should merely name her for one time in his life. Luther did non reply so he blurted out that he may necessitate a attorney because he was in a jam and it could merely acquire worse.Jack told Kate about her male parent she went to his flat to see if she could assist him out with this

secret job that he was in. Burton had been following her for a twosome of yearss. He followed her into her father’s flat. Bill said that he was looking for her male parent in connexion of the slaying or Christy Sullivan. He told her that he had grounds that he was at that place cleaning the rugs with the company he worked for. Kate so told Bill that her male parent liked to instance out houses be for he robbed them. Kate besides said that her male parent would ne’er kill anyone. Luther’s spouse in robbing the Sullivan house Wanda Broome overdosed on pills. Wanda had the thought of robbing the house. Wanda was close friends with Christy Sullivan. Walter killed himself at his cabin, before he did he called his close friend Alan Richmond. The secret service agents had taped the telephone conversation. President Richmond had his agents kill Luther Whitney while he was traveling to tribunal for the slaying of Christy. Jack found images of a missive opener and a note stating him who was involved in the slaying. He sent the images to President Richmond, and the President told his agents to kill Jack. Jack was concealing out at a motel when agents’ Collin and Burton stormed into his room. They told him what they had been covering up and that he was following. When they were approximately to draw the trigger, the constabulary walked into the room and arrested Jack. The following twenty-four hours Bill Burton shot himself in the caput. He left a note for Seth Frank with some cassette tapes say what the President had been making. Soon After Seth served the President with documents and showed him all the grounds that he had. Along with a picture of Collin and Burton about to kill Jack that he had taped from the hotel room.

The method of word picture was 3rd individual omniscient. It was frequently told in an indirect signifier when the writer would state Luther heard the vehicles enter the forepart thrust on page 11. The writer besides used direct word picture on page one when he said Luther was a sixty-six-year-old, Luther was eligible to roll up Social Security, and he was a card-carrying member of AARP. Both of these ways of word picture were used during the right times of the narrative and it ever seemed to travel with the flow of the narrative. The writer besides let the character speak for themselves which made me experience that I new the characters better and it made it seem that they were stating me their narrative. The scene was in the District of Columbia. I think the scene was of import in this narrative because it was about a President that was seeking to cover up a slaying. I believe that if the narrative took topographic point any where else it would be difficult to follow since the constabulary where ever oppugning the President. The tone was serious with the slayings that took topographic point. I think the subject of the narrative was to state the truth and if you do something wrong you should merely squeal because it could merely acquire worse. I would urge the book to all of my friends because it had great action and ever left me in suspense. I would merely urge this to a mature audience do to its content and it is really descriptive when they killed Christy Sullivan and when they murdered Luther outside the tribunal house. The writer was really descriptive during the minutes of sexual desire. This book had a batch of coarse linguistic communication but most grownups would non mind this. I found the linguistic communication was non a job nor the grave item of slaying and sex. The writer wrote this book really good but it is definite for mature readers. I found this book really gratifying to read and frequently found it difficult to set down because it was really action packed and faced paced from the beginning to the terminal. With the job that our President is holding it makes you recognize the power that our President has to command a batch of people. So if you like action and suspense this would be a great book to read.

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