Luv Is Rage 2 by Lil Uzi Vert

7 July 2019

During Lil Uzi’s rise to power and fame he has dropped many hits such as Money Longer and You was right which were both great songs. And now he’s released a new album Luv is Rage 2 with another following hit XO TOUR LIF3, which is his most listened to song with an astounding 500 million views on spotify alone. In my opinion most of the songs in his album were great to listen to, but the obvious few that stood out weren’t a great.

Though, the plentiful bad songs in his album, he had a few songs that really sounded good. Sauce It Up, one of my favorites, showed what Lil Uzi was good at, creating a hype beat that anyone can rock out too. No Sleep Leak, while being a good song not really having any bad points, really didn’t jump out to me and kind of felt like a filler song in his album.

The Way Life Goes is by far his best song because of its outstanding mix and mash of beats which gave me a warm wavy feeling when I listen to it. For Real was another song that lacked any way of standing out even though having better lyrics than most of his songs. It also really lacked in an attracting beat to catch anyones ear. Feeling Mutual seemed to be one of his most underrated songs ever. It is great, the beat and lyrics really worked well together. Neon Guts featuring Pharrell Williams was also one of his more popular songs in his album which I agree with. This song was one of the few songs that really worked well with everything that catches a listener’s attention. UnFazed featuring The Weeknd was another hit but really had an echo effect but it worked well with the song. Even though I personally dislike UnFazed it’s strong points were overcasted by the bad ones such as The Weeknd’s few repeated lyrics were used as filler to make the song over three minutes long. X was another hit song that really caught my attention because of how all over the place his lyrics were. Even though extremely catchy the song really has no meaning or purpose and just puts words together that sound good with each other that have absolutely no context. Dark Queen was another hit and one of my favorites. Its main reason for its fame was its overall catchy beat, lyrics that mixed into the beat,and it’s dope bass drops. I believe that these songs were the only reason this album is now known as his best.

Though many of his songs in this album weren’t as good as the rest. They all lacked either a good catchy beat, good lyrics, or just overall the feel of the song. His leading song in the album Two®. It takes around a minute and 15 seconds for the song to start but besides that the song really lacked any of his voice melting into the background sound. He mostly mumbled the whole time, which is his apparent style, but lyrics really lacked. Even though most of the song wasn’t so great the beat was exceptionally good. Another example of a song with the same problems as Two® is 444+222 but, it did show some signs of good beat drops which were really mixed in with the lyrics though the lyrics lacked more in than others. Early 20 Rager was just overall a bad song, the weird echo and static effect added to his lyrics really did not work and sadly ruined this song. Pretty Mami, How to Talk, and Malfunction were, again, all examples of filler songs. These songs lacked any strong points in the entirety of the song, they all lacked lyrics and beats which were what caused most of his songs to be awful.

In all, this album contained to this date the best songs ever produced by Lil Uzi himself. His Songs, Such as Sauce It Up, Neon Guts, and Dark Queen all great songs and very enjoyable to listen to. On the other hand, songs such as Early 20 Rager, Pretty Mami, How to Talk, and Malfunction where all examples of filler songs that lacked all of Lil Uzi’s “talent”. In conclusion I believe the album was decent and a listen only if you’re looking for more Lil Uzi Vert.

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