Luxembourg Essay Research Paper Location Luxembourg is

8 August 2017

Luxembourg Essay, Research Paper

Location Luxembourg is located in

Europe and is bordered by Belgium, Germany and France.

On a map, it is located at 50 N latitude and 6 E longitude.

Luxembourg is really little. It is merely 998 square stat mis, which

is approximately the size of Orange County, California. All the

state is inhabited, with most people populating in the southern

portion. The Flag The flag of Luxembourg was adopted in

1845. The colourss come from the Coat of Arms of

Luxembourg and are ruddy, white and bluish. The flag is merely

three horizontal chevrons from top to bottom. The Land and

Peoples Luxembourg has two distinguishable parts. The Ardennes,

or northern part, is cragged. The Bon Pays, or

southern part, is largely fertile farming area. The clime is cool

and moist, with snow in the mountains. There are rich

sedimentations of Fe ore making many occupations in the steel industry.

There is besides fertile farming area to the South, besides making many

occupations in agriculture. The people of Luxembourg have no indigen

costume. They borrow much of their civilization from Belgium,

Germany, and France. Today, modern Luxemburgers

frock like other Europeans. The people of Luxembourg like

to eat smoke-cured porc and beans, and sometimes saurkraut.

Smoked jambon is available all twelvemonth unit of ammunition, and pastries are a

Luxembourg favourite. Some of these pastries include axial rotations,

gems, cupcakes, and a particular dry bar translated

“ Random Thoughts ” . Luxembourg makes beer and vino

which is sold at that place and in other nearby states. The

edifices in Luxembourg vary from topographic point to topographic point. Some

small towns have capturing old houses 100s of old ages old,

though in the metropoliss there are many modern flat and

office edifices. For diversion, a Luxembourger might sit a

motorcycle, or hiking in the countryside. A favourite athletics of the

people is volleyball. For transportaion they have railwaies

and main roads for autos and coachs. There are bike trails and

boosting waies every bit good. Luxembourg doesn & # 8217 ; Ts have a civilization all

its ain, because it ties in with its adjacent states,

Belgium, Germany, and France. The natural resources of

Luxembourg are: Fe ore, which is processed into steel,

farm merchandises such as wheat, maize and farm animal, and grapes

which are grown for winemaking. Technology The chief

industries of Luxembourg are steel and wine making. Farming

is besides an of import industry, particularly with such harvests as

maize, wheat and farm animal. The steel is exported and harvests

are exported, every bit good as used in Luxembourg. Besides the vino

made in Luxembourg is exported and sold at that place. Culture

There is a batch of civilization in Luxembourg. There are many art

galleries having work from the expressionist painter,

Joseph Kutter, and besides that of Edward Steichen, a well

known lensman. Both of these creative persons are from

Luxembourg. The cathedrals are illustrations of some of the

beautiful architecture found in Luxembourg. In the small towns,

there are edifices dating back to the 1100 & # 8217 ; s, 1300 & # 8217 ; s,

1700 & # 8217 ; s, every bit good as the early 1900 & # 8217 ; s. A trip through the

small towns is like taking a trip through clip because of these old

places that are still lived in. Equally far as music, every small town,

suburb and town has at least a set, orchestra or choral

group. Luxemburgers love parades, and have them frequently.

Every parade has at least half a twelve sets. Their

enjoyment of music is so great, that at the terminal of every

summer, Luxembourg has a music competition that involves

the whole state. Government The authorities of

Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy. The expansive duke or

duchess serves as sovereign and main executive. The

monarchy is a familial office, and the 64 member

parliament, called the Chamber of Deputies, makes the Torahs.

The sovereign appoints the premier curate and all of the 10

Cabinet curates to transport out authorities operations. The

21 member consultative organic structure, or the Council of State,

are appointed for life. The local authorities is carried out by

spliting Luxembourg into territories, which are headed by the

commissioner. The territories are divided into Guangzhous, and

these are divided into communes, which are headed by

elected functionaries. The sovereign soon in charge is Grand

Duke Jean, who has been in power since 1964. Jacques

Santer has been the Premier of Luxembourg since 1984.

The sovereign & # 8217 ; s term is for life or until he or she steps down.

The Premier, appointed by the sovereign, stays in leading

every bit long as he has the support of a bulk of parliament

members. The parliament members are elected by the

people for five-year footings. Religion Ninety-five per centum of

Luxembourg is Catholic, although there are some Protestants

and Jews. Although there is no information about missionary

activity in Luxembourg, freedom of faith has ever been

a tradition at that place. Other Interesting Information Even though

Luxembourg is an highly little state, they have

managed to remain independant. In fact, the National Motto is

translated: “ We want to stay what we are ” . The

Luxembourg-based Bank of Credit and Commerce

International, in 1990, pleaded guilty to charges of money

washing from drug trafficking. What I Found Most

Interesting I discovered that such a little state as

Luxembourg could hold so much history and remain

independant for over 1,000 old ages. GLOSSARY Ardennes:

The name for the cragged part of Luxembourg. Bon

Wages: French for “ good land ” , it refers to the fertile farming area

in the southern part of Luxembourg. Expressionist Painter:

An creative person that paints in a manner made popular after World War

I, in which the picture expresses emotion, alternatively of merely

demoing a scene. Familial: Passed on to the progeny.

Monarchy: A authorities run by a sovereign, such as a male monarch,

queen or other swayer. BIBLIOGRAPHY Fodor & # 8217 ; s Belgium

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