Lyndon Johnson

4 April 2015
Analyzes life & political career, focusing on character flaws & policy failure in Vietnam.

When Lyndon Johnson became President in 1963 he committed himself to the late President Kennedy’s programs and he viewed the American commitment in Vietnam as part of the Kennedy program he was sworn to uphold (Herring 1113). But in the end, Vietnam became known as Lyndon Johnson’s War and was the cause of Johnson ending his political career prematurely (Berman xi). Johnson’s failure to recognize the need to get out of Vietnam and the decisions he made in regard to the war have fascinated historians of the presidency and of the Vietnam conflict. Though there is no single explanation for his decisions, Johnson’s personality, his experience, his political goals and the political atmosphere of the times all had a significant impact on his choices. A line can be traced from Johnson’s early years as a negotiator between the demands of his parents to his role as a…

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