Lyricism in Three Novels

4 April 2015
Compares uses & meanings of lyrical passages in realist narratives of Fitzgerald’s [The Great Gatsby], Joyce’s [Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man] & Flaubert’s [Madame Bovary].

No matter how many or which levels of narrative are employed, each realist narrative moves in a particular direction. Thus the importance of lyricism in many realist narratives would seem to be something of a paradox. The inclusion, or eruption, of lyricism in such narratives may serve to increase presence as it adds dimensions to the narrator or focalizer whose thoughts or sensations are the site of the lyric interval. Yet it is always an interval. Lyricism can transcend, intensify or elevate but it must eventually be left behind as the narrative is resumed.

Lyricism in Three Novels Essay Example

Lyricism is an effort to step outside the referring inherent in narrative in order to allow the consciousness that produces it to have an interval of simply being without direct reference or narrative referral. Lyricism does not, therefore, move. The tension between the inherent immobility of lyricism and the…

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