M.C. Escher’s Relativity Artwok

2 February 2017

The first element used in this artwork is value this is shown in different shades but median value is the majority of this artwork. The second element is shape, this artwork uses many geometric shapes and very few organic. The last element I will mention is space, this artwork has no one object in front of the other and there also seems to be no negative space in the artwork. The first principle I will point out is the use of movement, this artwork at first moves yours eyes to the center of the piece even though there is not a lot of detail to the center.The second principle is balance, this art work is asymmetrical because there is no way to divided the artwork so it is equal drawings on both side, however the artwork does not seem to have one side heaver then the other. The last principle I want to point out is the artwork’s use of proportion, everything in this artwork seems to have equal proportion to one another in the sense that no one thing seems to have more oven an importance then another.

Interpret: I believe that the artist was trying to get the point across that life is always crazy and everyone shares the same path that connects and intertwines. I can think this because of two reasons, the first reason is because the title of the art work is relativity which makes me think that there is no one thing more important than another which is reinforced by the fact everything has an equal proportion to it.The second reason is because there are faceless people sitting down for dinner and a faceless couple walking together which makes me think the artist was trying to imply the average thing that could happen in the a person’s everyday life. Judge: I believe that this artwork can be considered either formalism or emotionalism. Both sides can be defended because M. C. Escher did use many elements and principles in an unusual way, however it did bring out an emotion in me and made me really think about the message behind the artwork.

M.C. Escher’s Relativity Artwok Essay Example

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