5 May 2017

Captains, the Soldiers are awaiting your orders. 2. I am late, Deb, because my car would not start. 3. Please spend the weekend with us Uncle Bob. 4. Mrs. Wolls, we received your latter today. 5. The next performance is at two o’ clock, sir 1 . As you know, we plan to announce that our dedicated employee, Raymer Javier, Jr, will be leaving the firm on Friday, January 5. 2. Your honor, my client Bready Forrest, claims that he is in fact innocent. 3. Our cousin Tillie was married in May 1994 and as a matter of fact, still talks of her honeymoon trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. 4.

Ladies and entlemen, I have no doubt that we will be landing in New York in Empire state at out scheduled time. 5. Needless to say, we are all anxiously awaiting our newest product, a cordless iron that is being developed by Oscar Mehta Ph. D. 6. Halley, you are wise in your selection of the book, Mortals at the Gates for the report that is due, on Tuesday March 25.

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7. My friend Hannah wore a diamond ring on her left hand and a gold ring on the other hand, during the ceremony. 8. Our boss Mrs. Otto, is not happy with the production figures announced on Wednesday, July 25, and, therefore, is alling a staff meeting. . Lucia, address this letter to Hedda Morse, Esq. in our office, at 16 High street Houston Texas. 10. My sister Iveslissa has worked for the citys prestigious law firm, Simpson and Simpson, since January 15, 1995, and loves the Job Vocabulary: Contemplated: look thoughtfully for a long time at. Expeditiously: in an efficient manner. Inadvertently: without intention; accidentally. Isolated: far away from other places, buildings, or people; remote. Malfunctioned: (of a piece of equipment or machinery) fail to function normally or satisfactorily. Mandated: give (someone) authority to act in a certain way.

On benalt ot: Speaking or acting tor Potential: having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. Recall: bring (a fact, event, or situation) back into one’s mind, esp. so as to recount it to others; remember. Void: not valid or legally binding. 1. The Judges on the Supreme Court are to serve for life. 2. Mandated my gold good friend, Natalie lamas, I accept this award. 3. The prisoner felt alone and isolated when the call door closed behind him. 4. When we adopted that baby, it filled a in our lives. 5. As soon as the computer, we called the service technician. 6.

Gene broke the cup and saucer. 7. The actor has the of becoming on e of the greatest in the American theater. 8. I writing a novel about the civil war but decided against it. 9. After a number of accidents involving that particular model, the manufacturer finally issued a and repaired the problem. 10. The rescuers worked and were soon able to free all the people trapped by the landslide. If you are seeking a better education for your child Mrs. Chang we have Just what you are looking for. Unfortunately many elementary school both public and privacy has een unable to provide the quality education parents desire.

Consequently the one- room school is making a comeback and is filling the void that exists. The Children’s Learning Academy one of the better know of these schools is located in my house. It was established on September 1 1994 and actually has two rooms. We have very small classes and therefore can offer extensive individual attention. Our staff all professional teachers train students to go on to advanced programs. We follow the state-mandated curriculum and are sup. 1 . In order to complete the course, I must write a dissertation. . Although reminded by her friends, she forgets the tickets. . The problem was discussed at great length during the meeting. 4. In August, my family will vacation at the beach. 5. After giving it much thought, the attorney refused the case. 10/22/13 2-3 1. Ms. Chia’s flight was scheduled to depart at 1 1 :05, but it was delayed. 2. The assistant took the minutes of the meeting but did not transcribe them that day. 3. Proofed your work very carefully, and make the necessary corrections. 4. Key wrote an article for the paper, but it was not published. 5. Mr. Clay is upset by the publicity nd will review the case. 3-1 1.

Enclosed for your convenience is a stamped, addressed envelope. 2. We purchased a beautiful Oriental rug. 3. The adorable, purring kitten is being adopted. 4. I wear only washable silk suits. 5. The patient displayed a violent, uncontrollable temper. 1 . Lorne, who enjoys using her computer, is talking a class to learn about the internet. 2. The White House, which is the home of the president, is on Pennsylvania Avenue. 3. Give me the name of a dentist who specializes on orthodontics. 4. The election replaced the lamp that was broken. 5. David is applying to Horan College, Which has a fine arts program. -3 1 . My mother cooked my favorite breakfast dish, omelets. 2. I’m feeling better, thank you. 3. Matt enjoyed only one part of the show, the final 4. Only one road condition will prevent me from driving ice. 5. Ruben could not make the team, much to his dismay. 3-4 1 . Our new cheerleader is normally a soft spoken person. 2. An old fashioned, manual typewriter is a prop in the high school play. 3. Which station broadcasts up to the minute news? 4. Enrique’s fender has a barely noticeable dent. 5. I can enroll in either, a two or three credit math course.

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