Macbeth Essay and Rennassance Period

10 October 2016

The Renaissance was based on models of Greek and Roman classics, and precedents from Italy and Spain, the Spanish drama has evolved since the interludes and morality plays and became a complex art form, thus taking considered as the best known as dramatists, Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson, who wrote plays with such universal qualities of greatness, and that is why this drama becomes extraordinary and leaves a monument of the Renaissance in the history of English literature. The Renaissance, tend to emphasize the dignity of man and his earthly happiness was reflected in the work carried out in the period.

Macbeth One of the most shocking things in Macbeth is the continued clash between the spirit of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. While the former starts out good and faithful and is corrupted by his wife to the point of disappearing remorse from the beginning, the second starts completely cold and perverse but will decline in the course of the work into a freaking bag of remorse so that is continually hands stained with blood and suicide. I was struck by the fact that Macbeth is killed in battle trying to end their action while his wife, initially strong, committed suicide.

Just how dies each compared with its initial intention is enough to see the exchange of roles: the weak just being strong and vice versa. A very striking point in the work is the continuous appearance of remorse in the protagonists. As Lady Macbeth says that their actions have destroyed his happiness and the evil they have done makes them suffer. Some allusions to remorse are the dagger that Macbeth sees before killing the king, the specter of Banquo, the blood on Lady Macbeth’s hands are not going, etc. ..

I do not know how Shakespeare is a failure or is that I misunderstood something, but there is a mistake in the plot: the witches in his second appearance predict that Banquo will father a line of kings and later appears again this idea in the third appearance of the witches. However, once dead Macbeth, the successor to the throne is not Fleance, son of Banquo, as would be expected if the prophecies were fulfilled, but Malcolm, Duncan’s natural successor. The prophecy and reality are incompatible in this case, and only in this case, the rest of all prophecies are fulfilled.

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