Macbeth Gaps in Silences

3 March 2017

I am helpless and powerless. I have failed in my duties of caring for my Queen. I have allowed her to slowly suffer in her tormented mind; I have allowed her spirit to crumble and her soul to be lost forever. I am simply a servant of my Queen; I have tended and comforted her since she married into the Macbeth house. Where as many young girls are worried about their pre-arranged marriage; so too was my lady until she saw Macbeth and swore that she had fallen in love. I have been there by her side for many years; I have seen her fall in love; I have seen her lose her loved ones.

I was there the very day we drove away from her family, I sat with her the whole journey sitting quietly as I watched gentle tears fall down her face. It was that day that I saw how strong spirited she was. In my many years of my service and loyalty, I have not before witnessed such dark and dreary things, such crumbling of spirit and soul. Ever since King Duncan’s death; turmoil, corruption and treachery have all poisoned the castle. It has corrupted my soul, it has changed my beliefs and in some regards, I have lost my faith. I am merely a servant; I am not one to judge, but I have seen and witnessed many things.

Macbeth Gaps in Silences Essay Example

It seems the presence of a servant is forgotten. That I do not have ears and eyes; that I do not see as others do. The only thing that keeps my tongue still is the love I have for my lady. I would not say I am clear on this fact, but it is in my belief that my lady assisted in the death of King Duncan. Since his death, I have watched her sleep, she has uttered strange and foul words, her actions are not normal. If any others saw her, they would say she is possessed and in my own mind, I, too, could believe that. My lady has had two children the first was stillborn without a one single warm breath in it.

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