The Inner Savagery within Individuals When groups of people are put in un-restrlcted circumstances, Individuals tend to follow their own desires and care less about what Is beneficial for the greater good of everyone. In life Individuals are put Into unconstrained situations in which they tend to rebel against the standards of society that they have been taught to follow. An example of this Is young people having a house party with no parental supervision.

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The reality is that many teenagers will do illegal things when they are free of restrictions. As individuals are taken away from their relationship within society, their true nature of laziness and avoidance of work are brought out. In the novel Lord of the flies, William Golding is trying to convey that when people are placed in circumstances with no restrictions, individual’s behavior will change over a period of time from socially acceptable to savage. It is common for human beings to follow what society believes is right.

Although, when higher authority is not present to anipulate individual’s behaviours into following the morals of society, one’s Inner behaviors and desires may dffer from what society considers to be “socially acceptable”. In the novel Lord of the flies there are many Instances of the characters drifting away from their ties to society. For example Roger Is a character In the story who at one point throws rocks as some of the younger kids, which in this case he misses them on purpose. This symbolizes Rogers’s gradual change from adhering to the morals of society to a slow devolution into savagery.

Even though Roger could get away with hitting the kids with rocks, there is still a part of him which knows that hitting them would not be acceptable to the society he lives in off the island. This was the beginning of Roger losing sight of the morals he grew up with in society back at home. As the novel progresses, the characters become more and more savage through their behavior, thus because there is no authority to enforce any rules. The self-serving behavior ofthe characters leads to a couple of killings within the group f boys, one by accident, and one completely on purpose.

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Purposely killing a human being Is the ultimate symbolism of savagery. This Is demonstrated near the end of Lord of the flies where Roger purposely rolls a boulder offa cliff that lands on Piggy and kills him. This is when the boys have fully surrendered their morals they use to have within society at home. In the novel Lord of the flies the group of boys decide to create a set of Jobs so that the group behaves and functions in a sociable manner. A couple of the Jobs are eeping a signal fire going, and building shelters.

These jobs are symbols that represent a civilized society. While building shelters is a symbol of humanity, it shows how the boys can operate and work together as a team. However as the novel progresses the boys slowly start to become savage, for example the boys start cursing at each other Ilke how Ralph yells at Jack “You’re a beast and a swine and a bloody, bloody thlef! “. This negatMty spirals down Into more violent behavior such as pushing and fighting, and eventually murdering one of their own.

The occurrence of a snip sailing by the island while the signal tire is out, symbolizes the lost nope ot acting in a civilized manner among the group. For Instance Ralph says “l ought to give up being chief. Hear ’em. ” In which he’s giving up on keeping the group civilized, he knows it’s the wrong thing to do but there’s Just little hope left. William Golding the author of lord of the flies develops the idea that people tend to peruse their own individual needs and desires over the needs and desires of a collective group.

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