Mack Brown & Vince Young – Remarks on Winning the 2006 Rose Bowl and the NCAA Divison I National Football Championship

11 November 2017
UT Longhorn Coach Mack Brown & Quarterback Vince Young Remarks on Winning the 2006 Rose Bowl and MVP Award delivered 4 January 2006 ESPN Reporter, John Saunders: Talk about what this means to the great state of Texas. Mac Brown: Well…I think you can tell — they’re all here, John. But first let us thank…from all the Texas fans, our staff and our football program, let’s congratulate a great ‘SC football team for 34 straight, and two national championships. Then secondly, John, what it means to — we want to thank the Rose Bowl — what it means to us, been a long time. There’s a lot of passion, a lot of pride. I’m proud of these kids. I’m proud of our coaches, high school football in the state of Texas. But we love our fans and they love it. Saunders: You having any fun? Mac Brown: I’m getting ready to. Saunders: We now want to hand out the Most Valuable Player Award trophies. We’re going to start with the Offensive Player of the Game. Is there any question that it is Vincent Young?! Yeah, that’s yours. [to Young] Now, Vince, I know — we talked when you were in New York — and I know you were very disappointed not to walk off with the Heisman Trophy Award. I think you like that little piece of crystal a little better, don’t you? Vince Young: Oh, it’s so beautiful. Hey, don’t ya’ll think that’s beautiful, right there? [to fans]. That crystal’s so beautiful. And it’s comin’ home to Texas. It’s comin’ home all the way to Austin, Texas, baby. Saunders: Are you gonna be back to try and make it two in a row? Vince Young: Gotta work hard and get better and we’ll be back. Wherever we gotta go, we’ll be back, baby. Saunders: Alright, Vince, congratulations. Book/CDs by Michael E. Eidenmuller, Published by McGraw-Hill (2008) Copyright Status: Text, Audio, Images = Restricted, seek permission.
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