Madame Butterfly

4 April 2015
Sight and blindness, reality and constructions in Hwang’s M. Butterfly.

The paper discusses figures of sight and blindness used in the play M Butterfly examining Gallimard and Song’s relationship in the greatest detail. A look at the Western depiction of Eastern women.
From the paper:

“David Henry Hwang uses figures of seeing and not-seeing to depict the relationship between the East and the West in his play M. Butterfly, an inversion of Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly. Gallimard can turn a blind eye to the fact that Song is a man in disguise because of his deeply-ingrained, stereotypically Western fantasy of Eastern women as submissive, fragile Madame Butterflies. Gallimard is so enamored of the Madame Butterfly fantasy that he cannot see past it, and he is blinded to the obvious fact that his Butterfly is a far cry from the original.”

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