Madison Academic Magnet High School: Enrollment Essay

6 June 2018

I want a better learning experience. I love a challenge, so that’s what Madison offers me. Love the fact that there are only honors classes. That provides me with a familiar environment.

Providing me with more of a challenge, Madison is the ideal High School. Next, I would love the chance to get a scholarship. I love to sing, so I would love a choir scholarship. I would graduate from college, with a degree in music. I’m very smart, so I am eligible for an academic scholarship. I keep my grades high, and I believe in myself. I’m athletic, so would like a basketball or cheerleaders scholarship.

I love to play sports, but I never had the body for it but I’m hoping that Madison gives me that opportunity. Madison provides me with healthy active sports, so that I’m healthy and in shape. Last but certainly not least, I’m prepared to keep my grades up. I want a higher GAP, to build my academic skill. I want to be eligible for the Tennessee Lottery Hope Scholarship. I would be involved in tutoring, to help with my academic skills. I would love to mentor and tutor my peers, so that they could enhance their academic minds.

Like that Madison says you have to keep at least a C average.I’m an A and B student, so you’ll never have to worry. I’m smart, intelligent, and very organized so that my work is in on time and my grades are high. Failure is not an option that I entertain. In retrospect, education is imperative and should be used to its best potential. Getting a better education, getting a scholarship, and making a commitment to my grades are all reasons that I wish to attend Madison Academic Magnet High School. I love school, and it’s my forte.

It’s the cryme del a creme.

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