11 November 2018

In 1986, my uncle Joseph graduated from Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering. He is into construction and operation of the mines but I am into daily calculations. I start with my hypothesis: if I eat ice cream, then I won’t feel well. I am pre diabetic. I found out about this my junior year. After that incident, I now try to know my out come. I don’t want my decisions bringing down the mine-I strive to live happier and healthier but my calculations aren’t always correct.

In 1987, my aunt Joanne graduated from Madison with her Bachelors of Science in Medical Technology. She was into medicine but I am into psychology. I took AP Psychology. Through out my high school years, it was my favorite class. This class gave me a better understanding of my body. I learned background has a significant effect on their outcome. I also learned all about the brain. I held a real brain in my hand, it felt like a three pound combination of cold playdoh and jello. All the kids in my class were grossed out, but I liked it.

In 1989, my father William graduated from Madison with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. My family had issues communicating, but for two years my parents communicated through me. I was twelve. But I had the maturity of someone in their early twenties. My parents still weren’t talking. Eventually, we all went to therapy. Mom and Dad had to grow up and leave me out of their problems. To this day it causes tension.

In 2012, my cousin Alexander earned his Bachelors of Science for Civil Engineering from the University of Madison. He did this in 3.5 years. He went through school fast, but I take my time. I would rather work longer on something and know I did it well then turn something in right away and guess on my answers. I always think things through, never enough to contradict.
My cousin, Molly is on her third year at Madison, studying to get her Bachelors of Materials and Engineering. She is into engineering, but I love materials. Eighty percent of my wardrobe is black and white. I pride myself on making extraordinary out of ordinary. I don’t need color to feel good. I also like to buy the really soft comfortable clothes that are still cute. Black and white are traditional and always will be.

My background starts with the long line of achieving Mentzer’s and it will continue on that way with me. My dream since I was four has been to be a badger. My family has constructed me. And now im ready to walk down Langdon street where my dad had a snowball fight with his fraternity brothers, to go shopping on State Street with my cousin, and to create my own talent! Then one day, future generations of Mentzer’s will inherit my unnoticed qualities, listen to my stories, and continue on to become a Badger.

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