Magic Johnson

12 December 2016

Johnson Embarking towards fighting against HIV by inspiring the world By Today, when someone shouts out the name, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, he is known as the world’s best and tallest point guard ever to play the sport of basketball. His success on and off of the basketball court defines him. His passing and shooting skills on court is what makes him exceptional, especially the “no look pass”. He led the Lakers to the championships 5 times, was a 12-time All-Star, and won a gold medal with the original Dream Team at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona with 17,707 points.

In 2002, he and his all time rivalry, Larry Bird was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. During the 1991-92 NBA season, Johnson stood up to the public and made a shocking a heartbreaking announcement that shook the world. In the morning of November 7, 1991, he announced that he discovered that he had tested positive HIV. This was a huge obstacle that he had to endure during his prime era of his NBA career. What was so inspirational was that even though he announced his retirement, people voted him as a starter for the 1992 All Star Game and made it as his last present.

Magic Johnson Essay Example

He hit the game winning 3 point shot and once again sparked the world as the most valuable player with HIV positive. After his retirement due to HIV, “Johnson has changed the perception of what it means to live with HIV” (Gregory). Magic Johnson began to start a new life fighting for HIV and inspiring other HIV positive people. He created the Magic Johnson Foundation to help combat against HIV and to do further AIDS research.

Today people look up to him as “a revolutionary figure” (Toure). He reshaped society going around the world talking about his experience and the confidence he gained as a HIV positive. His success speeches gave everyone courage to believe in themselves. Magic Johnson was always generous towards sacrificing his time and wealth for the community diagnosed with AIDS and HIV. As an athlete, he is known for his effortless leadership, optimistic attitude, and his dedication for people like him.

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