Mahatma Gandhi

11 November 2018

“I claim to be no more than an average man with less than average abilities. I have not the shadow of a doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have, if he or she would make the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith.”(LUC) Purity is something that is unquantifiable, but the closest representation humanity will ever see is Mohandas Gandhi. Born to Karmachand and Putlibai Gandhi, Mohandas has always been taught the sanctity of life and peace (PROG). At the ripe age of 13 Gandhi married 14 year old Kasturba Makhanji (BIO). After the wedding Mohandas returned to and finished middle school and high school as a married man. The couple had 5 children, but sadly there first child died in 1885. Mohandas K Gandhi deserves nothing less than the recognition as the purest form of humanity to ever step foot on earth.

Growing up as a child, Mohandas was constantly being groomed to follow in his fathers footsteps as the ambassador of his village. “Gandhi’s father, a Dewan Chief constantly pushed Gandhi away from his medical aspirations into a career in law.” As the progression of political and social turmoil was on an upward slope Gandhi found it necessary to study law in London (BIO). After graduating with a degree from the University of London he ventured to South Africa where his life took a drastic turn (BIO). After purchasing a first class train ticket Mohandas was forced to move to the coach section of the train because Indians were no accepted in South Africa

Mahatma Gandhi Essay Example

After experiencing this travesty Gandhi changed his whole way of thinking and living to devoting his whole life to the improvement of Indian treatment. Gandhi was preparing to leave South Africa until a bill came up denying Indians the right to vote (LUC). He then decided to stay in South Africa and fight the law. No matter how hard he tried the law was still able to be passed. Regardless Gandhi continued to strive for Indian equality. In 1894 Mohandas was able to form the Natal Indian Congress, in which he acted as the secretary (BIO). This congresses main purpose was to have an official establishment in which complaints could be made.

After 21 years of petitioning in South Africa Mohandas returned to his homeland of India(PROG). The first 3 years of his return he stayed out of the political spotlight even though he was aware of the British injustices done onto his countrymen. His first act however was a nonviolent protest against the British Raj’s anti-sedition Rowlatt act(BIO). This caused a massive boom in protests that flooded across India. As a result, Mohandas grew more support and had a pretty sizeable following. The Amritsar Massacre, in which British troops fired into an unarmed crowd, caused Mohandas to organize a “Salt March” in which Gandhi and his follower went to sea to make there own salt (BIO).

In conclusion, when one can sustain so much discrimination and deal with it with such humility they should be recognized with absolute affection. This person not only affected the lives of Indians in South Africa and India, he also gave an example to all human beings of how to live life without violence. Gandhi has shown us all that violence is not the only option, and that it might even be the most effective tactic.


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