Mahendra Singh Dhoni

1 January 2017

As a CEO on whom ride the hopes of a demanding billion people, the captain of Team India is like a batsman facing a flurry of nasty Yorkers. It’s a leadership test that can make the most acclaimed CEO cringe. But not MSD. The captain of the Indian cricket team delivered a dream result to his shareholders, the joys of which surpassed the benefits of any dividend or bonus. In the tough final against a strong Sri Lankan team, the grit and guts displayed by Mahendra Singh Dhoni at Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium has corporate captains of India singing glories of his leadership qualities

For juniors, Dhoni followed the principle of support with stick. Ram Kumar calls it positive manipulation. “When Dhoni comes out and tells the media that Zaheer Khan is a great bowler and he will deliver, he is being positively demanding. The confidence expressed in public puts positive pressure.

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Some leaders do this by invoking fear,” he says. Team building is just a part of the job. How about dealing with the competitors and handling volatile situations? Santrupt Misra, Group Director, HR, at Aditya Birla Group, gives Dhoni top marks in innovating and experimenting in real time.

“Dhoni continuously tries to innovate and experiment (e. . when everybody said he should go with Ashwin, he played Nehra). This means he knows both the game as well as the people very well, which, of course, is another great leadership trait. He is not overly ecstatic when he succeeds nor is he utterly down and out when he loses. In a volatile environment, this is a great trait to have. ” Getting the best out of your team doesn’t mean you don’t face tough situations yourself. Says Suvojoy Sengupta, MD India, Booz & Co: “Dhoni isn’t afraid to put himself in the firing line, even at the risk of personal failure—as he proved in the final.

Besides he can keep the competitors guessing on a few things. Inspirational leaders keep some tricks up their sleeve and use them to turn around seemingly hopeless situations. MSD is a master at this. ” Given the abject failure in 2007 World Cup and then, under MSD, the subsequent trail of victories, Dhoni is the turnaround man Indian companies would love to have as CEO.

We should be a performer and we should demonstrate the same to our team. Performance is itself the most effective communication down the line. 2. Leader has to be humble in way to consider part and parcel of the team and not above the team. 3. Give genuine respect and trust to the team members. 4. Allow them to experiment and take risk. 5. In case of failure, encourage him / her to introspect and do it next time with more vigour and better planning. 6. Make every one in the team feel that , even though we are leaders, we are just one among them. 7.

We should also believe in the ones who failed in the Team. At crucial times a team member who was not able to deliver might do miracles. 8. As a leader, be calm in extreme situations and lead the team from front. 9. Share the credit of success with your team members and praise them in public. 10. Above all believe in every member in the team. Managing under change is a vital attribute to be learned from the leadership under Dhoni. A good leader doesn’t mind going out and exploring. Dhoni’s risk taking ability, inclusiveness and time-pressure qualities are good examples of leaders on the business side.

If you notice, instead of pressing teammates to win, Dhoni told them to just enjoy the game. Also, he has mentioned at several forums that he believes to live in the present and not worry about future or past.. Dhoni’s leadership style represents teamwork, empowerment and confidence. Dhoni utilizes every team member at his disposal and brings out the best performance whether he is a senior or junior player. He provides opportunity for every team member to prove themselves and contribute to the best of their abilities.

Remember, he gave the last over to Joginder Sharma who doesn’t have much a track record. , By putting such a person in front of a challenging task, it tells the person that the leader has confidence in his abilities and will be fired up to put in 120 per cent. This happened with Joginder Sharma in two critical matches, where he was hit all around the ground and still given the last over. He delivered on both instances! Leaders need to be assertive yet humble and must rarely allow their personal egos to be an obstacle for the success of their organization and that’s what M.S. Dhoni showing us through his current leadership style.

Another learning from Dhoni is about, Optimal utilization of resources, which is vital for any business. Instead of giving excuses for lack of best resources, especially with the current scenario economic crisis, it is better to perform in whatever resources a leader has to his disposal His ‘people management’ skills tell us, he is truly a great leader. When team members see their leader calm in extreme situations, they will not be rattled. It will enable them to focus on their work and do what is expected of them.

Dhoni was always calm – whether the bowler started off the last over in the finals with a wide ball or the batsman played a series of dot balls in a slog over. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a forthright, straightforward cricketer unburdened by the baggage that generally accompanies a man onto the field, thereby restricting his outlook. At once he is intelligent and simple, aggressive and canny, tough and respectful. Let us have a look at the journey of “Maahi” since from 2004 when he entered the Indian Cricket team from a state which hasn’t got a bigger name in cricket – Ranchi.

His first Inning of 183 Runs against Sri-Lanka made us remember his long hair look which made him hit the mind of all cricket fans. The opportunist MS Dhoni proved himself in the first match itself and kept the same trend in the next three years to appeal BCCI to make him skipper of India cricket team in 2007. Then the rest is History. He managed pretty well in the journey from a pinch heater who was known for his “helicopter shot” to throw the ball out of the ground to a successful Indian Captain. MS Dhoni has been in controversy some time for his statement but he always managed to keep a team spirit together.

A support to in-form batsman and also to a out of form batsman from him made him a great leader. In few events he admitted that he normally takes decision on the field according to the situation, when he was asked about his strategy. He repeated it in other events when he was asked the same question and also added that Cricket is a simple game and people make it complicated with words like “strategy”. During a match once, I heard a commentator stating about him that he has seen Dhoni playing cricket with single expression.

The same thing has also been observed by many people that Dhoni has never been panic in hard situation or never been over confident in about to win situation. The other great quality in him – “self-belief” can be observed while his captaincy but the final match of World Cup 2011 can not be forgotten by anyone. After losing 3 early wickets, Dhoni decided to enter the ground to hit the Sri-Lankan bowler where other experts were advising him to put Yuvaraj Singh who was inform during the World Cup. At the end of the match, he did not disappoint any of us and hit a six to win the world Cup.

Many of us often says that the luck of Dhoni always works but do not forget that A good leader are always bold enough to take decisions which also can be seen in the journey of his captaincy. An incident is when Misbah-ul-haq was batting in the last over of the match and the ball has been given to Jogindhar Sharma. Fortunately we won at the end but such experiment always works for Dhoni where he put casual bowler like Sehwag, Sachin, and Suresh Raina to shock a batsman with unusual delivery. In few matches, such decisions from Dhoni lead the team to lose the match but he admitted instantly his mistake hich is again a great quality of a leader and try to learn out of it.

Quick mind of Dhoni often reads the game situation and the weaknesses of opposite team help Dhoni to form a strategy instantly. What MS Dhoni has inbuilt is a skill to manage his mind on the spot. Mind management is a huge subject and lot of stuff has been written on it but if you really want to see them live or not interested in reading books and still want to learn, simply watch Dhoni playing on the field and observe him attending press conference after every match.

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