Main Cause of the American Revolution

1 January 2018

The creation of all of these acts made the colonist furious, contributing to the cause of this Revolution. After many outbreaks between Parliament, the colonists seemed to find no changes regarding taxation, which started the American Revolution. The Stamp Act of 1 765 was a direct tax upon the American colonists, which placed taxes on all kinds of printed materials.

The British Parliament positioned taxes on printed material such as newspapers, diplomas, pamphlets and others. The Parliament believed that taxing this printed material would be easy to collect and that it would be seen by the colonists as inexpensive.But little did they know it would be seen as the exact opposite through the colonist’s eyes. Shortly after, Protests began to occur against the Parliament. Colonists chanted, “Taxation without Representation! ” numerous amounts of times in order to get their point across to the Parliament. These taxation added to the anger and frustration of the colonists, fueling the cause of the American Revolution. A man named Patrick Henry took initiative and stood up for the colonist due to the fact that he strongly believed that the taxation was wrong.

Main Cause of the American Revolution Essay Example

Henry and the Massacre guests Assembly created an inter- colonial Stamp congress to fight against the direct taxation upon the colonists without asking for their consent. The colonists believed that the English Crown was denying their rights as English men, which led into a rebellion against the Stamp Act. When the ships arrived with the stamps, American colonists raided the ships and the stamps that were to be placed on the printed material were seized and destroyed. The direct taxation upon the printed materials caused the colonists to be angered, fueling the cause of theAmerican Revolution. The Sugar Act was an indirect tax that placed taxes on items such as sugar and coffee in 1764 and was one of the reasons behind the start of the American Revolution. This act was passed by Prime Minister, George Greenville with the idea to tax items that were imported into the colonies in large amounts. The Americans saw the Sugar Act as a direct tax due to the fact that they had to pay high prices for everyday materials.

One Of the main problems that angered the colonists was that they felt as though they were taxed without any representation.The Association of the Sons of bribery in New York stated on December 15, 1773 that, “It is essential to the freedom and security of a free people, that no taxes be imposed upon them but by their own consent, or their representation. ” The colonists despised the fact that Parliament dictated the laws in order the benefit from their taxes. The combination of both taxation without representation and the overly priced supplies led the colonists motivations and drive for a change in the way they were governed, eventually leading to the American Revolution.The Townsend Acts was an indirect taxation on imported materials such as glass, led, paper and the most important drink during that time, tea. This act was created by a man named Charles Townsend. In response to this taxation, the colonists boycotted the British Goods.

By stimulating American manufacturing the colonists would still have access to the important supplies they needed from the imports. During the boycotts, the Massachusetts Legislature wrote the Circle Letter. This letter spread the idea to the other colonies that the Townsend Acts were violating the Constitutional rights of ACH individual person.In 1774, Reverend Benzene Baldwin stated, “Charters taken away-?our assemblies annihilated,–governors and councils, appointed by royal authority without any concurrence of the people, enacting such laws as their sovereign pleasure shall dictate… ” Baldwin is saying that he believes that all the colonists should have some sort of representation within the government and should be able to have a say in the laws.

. Samuel Adams also rebelled against the Townsend Acts by writing that Parliament had no right to create laws for the colonies under any circumstance.In response to the colonists actions, soon after the Massacre guests Legislature had been destroyed. The Colonists were becoming more and more aggravated with the Parliament and their lack to listen to their complaints. Parliament did not listen to the colonists and their ideas, therefore continuing to tax the colonists to gain more money for their English Crown. The colonists were very angry at the fact that the British Parliament ignored them, therefore being fed up with the lack of representation, resulting in the American Revolution.The main cause for the American Revolution generated off of the anger of the colonists because of the British Parliaments taxation upon goods and materials.

The taxation of merchandise, both imported and exported, by the British Parliament, fueled the frustration between the colonists and the British Crown. The Stamp Act, Sugar Act and the Townsend Acts were all reasons why the colonists got so angered and started a Revolution. With their desire for a new government and the frustration towards the British, the Americans colonies turned their aggravation into the American Revolution.

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