Mainstream Music

7 July 2019

I’m getting pretty annoyed of mainstream music. I have known plenty of bands for a while now. And, BAM, they go on MTV and everyone, I mean EVERYONE, is singing their songs. It is incredibly annoying. I don’t think that people like the ‘band’ for their music but just because they cracked the TRL countdown.

For example, Boys Like Girls debut album came out in 2005. I was one of the first people to find out about them at my school. I listened to their song all throughout 2006. Before I know it, I see one of their videos getting premiered on Fuse, and soon MTV. At first I was glad for them, they had finally done what many just dream about. Then, it started getting really old. People start singing their songs. They buy the shirts. They tell their friends about ‘The HOTTEST band of 2007.’

I am also annoyed of how people don’t actually give the lyrics of songs attention. A lot of people I know just listen to songs because ‘they like the beat.’ I absolutely HATE that. I also hate when people just hear one song from a music artist and they automatically think that they are the artist’s biggest and most loyal fan.

I also find that Hip-Hop is getting pretty annoying. The songs are lacking meaning. Sex is what keeps the hip-hop community thriving, it is all they rap about. Their is rarely a hit where they are talking about something that people actually care about. They sing about beating up other people, getting all the girls, how ‘gangster’ they are and basically how they’re going to hit the number one spot and how everyone is going to love them.

Take 50 Cent, for example, his most recent album Curtis fell short of hitting the number one spot, behind Kanye West. People expected it to be genius. I, of course, didn’t have high expectations. I, along with many, believe that he is one of the worst lyricists in mainstream music today. ‘I call a square a square and a circle a circle’ he raps in his song ‘Follow My Lead’ and it does not get any better from there. I don’t think he’s in the music business for the love of music rather than ‘being in it for the money’ as he says in his songs, one too many times.

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