Major Musical Periods

4 April 2015
An interesting look at music through the ages with examples of music from the periods and their composers.

In this paper the author looks at the characteristics of different time periods in music starting with Medieval music and cites examples in each category. The author then moves on to look at some prominent composers, including, (to name but a few), Purcell, Vivaldi, Shutz, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, and shows how their works demonstrate the traits of the periods previously mentioned. The author concludes with a brief discussion of form and structure looking at various examples such as song form, themes and variations and sonatas.

From the paper:

“Franz Liszt
Liszt was a composer of the Romantic period and was among the first to arrange entire programs of solo piano music. He composed piano miniatures, solo piano music, transcription pieces, symphonic poems and symphonies. Some of his best known pieces include Mephisto Waltz, Totenanz,Leibestraum and the Hungarian Rhapsodies.

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Major Musical Periods
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