Makabayan E.P.P Subject Essay Sample

8 August 2017

1. Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower is taller that the Eiffel Tower and is the tallest construction in Japan. Its pigment and visible radiations are designed to do the tower glow a superb gold at dark. 2. Roppongi Hills

Designed as a metropolis within a metropolis. Roppongi hills incorporates offices. abodes. shopping. hotels. Parkss. art galleries and amusement. Located on some of the most expensive land in Japan. it took the developer 14 old ages to aquire the 400 separate tonss for the 27 estates of the site. When it foremost opened the edifice was the talk of the town and received 1000000s of visitants. 3. Tokyo City Hall

Tokyo City Hall was the tallest edifice in Tokyo before Midtown was completed in 2007. With a monetary value ticket of about $ 1 Billion US. it is a all right illustration of Tokyo government’s gusto for passing money and has earned the nickname “tax tower” . It is a huge composite taking up three metropolis blocks.

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It has a free observation deck that is popular with tourers. 4. Prada Building

Located in the Omotesando shopping territory. the Prada Building is merely 6 floors high but gives the feeling of being shaped wholly of glass. 5. Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower
Housing a manner. design and medical school the Gakuen Cocoon Tower is the 2nd tallest educational edifice in the universe. It’s cocoon design stands out in Shinjuku’s colossal concern territory. 6. Dentsu edifice

Corporate central office of Dentsu. Japan’s largest and most esteemed advertisement bureau. the Dentsu edifice has 70 lifts including private lifts for executives. The Dentsu edifice is located in Shiodome. a monolithic new concern territory built on the old site of Tokyo’s foremost train station. 7. Midtown edifice

The tallest edifice in Tokyo prefecture. Midtown is a monolithic composite of offices. shopping and includes a big medical clinic. luxury hotel and art gallery. The edifices themselves are non all that visually interesting. 8. Docomo edifice

The Docomo edifice in Shibuya is the world’s largest clock tower. It is owned by Japan’s largest telecom company NTT and houses a few offices and a batch of telecom equipment. It has no shopping or eating houses and is non unfastened to the populace. 9. Izumi Garden Tower

Massive and modern Izumi Garden Tower has typical bluish green glass. It has office infinite. a luxury abode. shopping and eating houses. 10. Fuji Terebi Building

Headquarterss of the Fuji Television Network in Odaiba. The building’s telecasting studios have sing Windowss and Tourss of the edifice are popular. The spherical portion of the edifice is a metropolis observation deck. Juto Oido of Old Tenzuiji

Built in 1591 during Momoyama Period. and moved in 1905 during the Meiji Era. this edifice was originally built on the premises of daitokuji of Kyoto by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. who was one of the most celebrated shoguns in Nipponese history. to incorporate a juto. a rock memorial to wish for his mother’s wellness and long life. Matsuyama palace is one of the biggest palaces in Japan. This palace is built on Mt. Katsuyama. the centre of Matsuyama metropolis.

It took approximately 250 old ages to finish constructing the palace. The completion of the palace is 1858. it is the following twelvemonth of Commodore Perry’s black ship coming. So. Matsuyama palace is the latest palace in Japan. St. John’s Church in Kyoto. : Museum Meijimura

T was built as a church of The Anglican Church in Japan. The first floor is made of bricks. the 2nd floor is made of wood. and the roof is tiled with a sheet Cu. These are inventivenesss to do the church quakeproof. The first floor was for Sunday school and the kindergarten. whilst the 2nd floor was the hall.

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