Make A Difference

10 October 2018

Have you ever asked yourself: “Who am I in this world? What is the place I occupy in this world? How can I help others? What can I do to change the world..? Some people call me an idealist and a dreamer…But I do believe every person has to do something to make this world better.

Have you ever thought of people suffering around you? Have you ever noticed them? What have you done to help them? These people can have not a global problem…Some of them just need someone to stay near…Some of them just need your hand…It is a lot easier to say: “It’s not my problem”. But do you choose easy ways in your life? If you do, can you call yourself a person for sure? I don’t think so…It’s not that hard to give a hand. Who will do it instead of you? Only you… Is it so hard just to listen to people when they need you to? Every huge thing starts with a little one…However, I do believe there’s no little thing in the world. Every little thing turns into a giant one if it makes someone feel better…

Make A Difference Essay Example

I suppose only we can make changes.
If you don’t make them, then who will? It’s easier to live the way you’ve been told. And it will take some time to change the world… It’s easier to say: “I don’t care” instead of trying to make something fair. It’s easier to give up at the beginning of your way. Yes, it’s harder to make it to the end. Do you live your life the way someone has told you? If you do, can you say that you are happy..?

You have to struggle to be a winner. And your life should not be easy. Only after fighting, difficulties, going through unpleasant moments you will be able to feel yourself a winner. Only after helping others you will feel yourself a winner…You just have to start.

How can you make a difference? There are a lot of ways…Nobody can tell you what to do. You just have to feel it. There’s no instruction about changing the world…It would look pathetic. It should be in your heart. You should feel it. You have to take a step and move ahead. It won’t be easy. So take a breath… But this is the sense. You must get rid of “I don’t care” attitude to the world…You must make a difference…We all have something to bring…Just give it try!

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