Make a Difference

2 February 2019

Imagine a place where you can breathe fresh air, a place where you can smell the trees, and a place where you can walk out on the sidewalk without being afraid of getting hurt. That is what you can call a healthy community. What you do, what you choose to do, and what you want to do affects you’re community everyday. If people choose to do something to change our ways, everyone can start to see what it means to be in a healthy community, what a healthy community is, and how someone can improve the health of their community.

To be a healthy community it means that people in it have to care about it. People need to take pride in where they live and not make it stinky and dirty. When you walk on the streets and litter around your neighborhood others can see that you don’t care about where you live. They see that you want to trash where you live and make it filthy. The people who clean it up see what it is to be in a healthy community and they know what it means. How is someone supposed to know what it is like to live in a healthy community if they don’t treat theirs like one?

Make a Difference Essay Example

A healthy community can be described as one that does not have many crimes and one that has a good environment, but one that also has people getting along. They should not have gang violence and drugs in it. When we live around bad things such as gangs and drugs, it eventually influences us. Communities in the world today are nothing compared to a healthy one. The way we live is getting worse everyday. Pollution is a major cause in today’s awful lifestyle. The air is becoming polluted everywhere and no one is trying to change that. Everyone should take charge and take a stand to help our community be healthier.

We can help each other to overcome these problems. For example, we can form an organization called “The Pollution Disposers”. The communities will undergo a major change and the environment will transform dramatically. We can make a difference, but no one chooses to do so because they don’t have enough courage. If others see us do this, they will want to follow our footsteps too. There are other ways to help decrease pollution without having to start a big group. People could turn off the lights in their room if they are not in there. The little things you do in life can help make an enormous difference. Eventually global warming could finally come to an end.

Everyone can slowly help improve their own community become a better place little by little. We can all find ways and ideas to help each other out. One day I hope to improve the health of my community because it is important to live in a balanced and strong place. I believe that someday I can make a difference.

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