Making a Difference

5 May 2018

Thus, making a difference is doing something. It is either acting on, accomplishing something or much more, it is making changes actually happen. Then, what is it that I have to act on or I have to accomplish? Why do I have to do that something? I think that making a difference is doing something for a reason?something that would enable myself to reach out to others; so that, they too, are empowered and can also make a difference in another person’s life as well.

So, what reasons?Perhaps, George Linnaeus Banks have summarized it all, “for the cause that lacks assistance, for the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that I can do”. Any. Pay, what do like to do to make a difference? I like to accomplish something. Like to study and learn new things. I like to go and explore unfamiliar heights. I like to get new perspectives and able to open my sight and my understanding about the things I cannot clearly grasp before. That way, like to influence change to happen and improve the lives of other people.

Making a Difference Essay Example

So that, in return they would also be willing to reach out to others and encourage them to change. I like to add another hand to stop corruption in the Government, I like to feed at least one hungry mouth. Like to put a smile on an old man’s weary face. I like to encourage others to protect the environment by being a good example?throw my garbage properly perhaps or plant more trees In exchange of old ones being cut. Recycle things as much as possible. I also like to teach adults that there©s nothing wrong in going back to the basics.More over, I went to college to finish my course and to earn a degree.

A degree would make me academically equipped and armed with proven theories and principles that will serve as a solid foundation to be a better person, to be exceptionally good in my chosen field and to become somebody who can think systematically and righteously enough to be willing o share my skills and knowledge to others. That way, I can easily convince other people to comprehend things and be able to act on situations as righteously as possible.

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